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TERA has yet another twist

By: rsgoldfast
Posted in: GAME

"It's come to our attention that the tera gold inhabitants of the vicious caiman egg thieves has heavily increased throughout the past couple of weeks."

That's the way the message starts for the pursuit. Nevertheless, it's not simply eggs you'll be saving, it's items also. You see, the Calman race have not stolen eggs, but items that you the players may get if you're in a position to discover them and hit them. Beginning on August 1st and going until August 15th, the entire world of TERA will be filled with egg thieves.

If you're able to spot them, race following themand even land a hit. That is all it'll take to ship them operating, but in doing this, they will drop an item for you.

There are loads of benefits you can get from these types of egg thieves, also you may get the full list on the official statement. Well, TERA has yet another twist, there's also a Calman Giant Egg Thief out there. But only shows up for a couple of hours at a time. What is more, he only gives his rewards to the participant who does the most harm to him. So if you see him, kill him fast before somebody attempts to tera ps4 gold steal your thing!

TERA Announced for Consoles

It had been fairly successful once it eventually went free to play a few years later. The game stands out with its action-based combat that is bolstered by large production values which not a lot of F2P MMOs can compare themselves . It's got a wealth of content to play including many dungeons and several complete raids. You'll do it all with one of 12 unique classes.


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