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Sam Newton

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10/07/17 07:49:00PM
By: admin Posted in: News
Sam Newton

Folk and Country singer/songwriter Sam Newton has been touring all over Australia leading up to his headlining set at Cully Fest as well as the release of his third studio album, to be released in 2018. Sam Newton mainly plays acoustic and develops songs that dive deep into melancholy devotion and flawed but fascinating characters. Sam Newton’s influences include the likes of Neil Young, Glen Hansard, Feist, Iron & Wine, and Johnny Cash.

From Sydney, Sam Newton first started playing guitar at the age of 12 and would be writing his own songs by 15. In 2011, Sam released his first project, a self-titled EP. Sam Newton’s debut album Set In Stone dropped in 2014, and was met with critical acclaim. In 2016, Sam Newton would embrace his stylistic fluidity and take on the challenge of writing 100 songs in 100 days before the release of his second album, Violet Road. Recently Sam was featured on Porch Light Sessions, a showcase of upcoming and established acoustic singer/songwriters.

Lately, Sam has been touring all over Australia and has upcoming shows in the cities of Brunswick, Newtown, Tamworth and Bowen Hills. On November 18th and 19th, Sam Newton will be headlining Cully Fest in Glenvale alongside Killing Heidi and Pierce Brothers.

Sam Newton’s third studio album has been finalised and will be pressed by early November with a release date still to be determined. Keep up with Sam Newton on his website or Facebook and be sure to follow him on Spotify where he uploads all of his albums as well as a playlist dedicated to highlighting Australian-Americana music.

12/09/17 10:09:10PM @nayemhasan37:
I love to listen to his music online. He writes songs that dig deep into melancholy, devotion and flawed and fascinating characters. :)
11/25/17 06:04:49PM @diction:
Sam is a prolific singer. I love the way he tells stories with his music. Something we don't get to hear often. He tells stories that sound very realistic and meaningful. Love, hate, crime, etc. He's one to watch out for I you
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