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Anthony Callea

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09/19/17 04:38:00PM
By: admin Posted in: News
Anthony Callea

Anthony Callea has come an incredibly long way since placing as the runner-up on Australian Idol in 2004. Anthony’s first ever single, “The Prayer”, was and still is the fastest selling single by any Australian artist and held the top spot on the ARIA singles charts for five weeks, another record. Now, Anthony is releasing ARIA Number 1 Hits in Symphony, to celebrate and relive all a collection of #1 records. Following this release, Anthony Callea is going on a huge national tour, performing his biggest and best songs all over Australia.

ARIA Number 1 Hits in Symphony will make for Anthony Callea’s sixth studio album since 2005, not including a live album and an EP. The album is composed of instrumentation from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performing a professionally curated selection of tracks that have reached number 1 on the ARIA charts. Callea was quoted saying “[These are] Songs that have not only been part of my musical landscape for the past 30 years but have resonated with so many of us – the ARIA charts don't lie." The album will feature songs from John Legend, Leona Lewis, Adele, Boyz II Men, and a whole lot more.

Released September 1st, 2017, ARIA Number 1 Hits in Symphony will be followed by a once in a lifetime show featuring Anthony and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Hamer Hall. In 2018, Anthony Callea will be embarking on a July and August Summer tour. Check Anthony’s site or find him on Facebook!

12/09/17 10:07:30PM @nayemhasan37:
Anthony Cosmo Callea is an Australian singer-songwriter and stage actor of Italian descent who rose to prominence after being the runner-up in the 2004 season of Australian Idol. I love all of his songs so much :)
12/04/17 03:01:11PM @annettelawless:
I love seeing Idol alum succeeding in the entertainment industry. America is revamping Idol in spring on ABC. I cannot wait.
09/20/17 11:08:51AM @seadals-initiative:
My boy loves this dude so and was beginning to fashion his life towards him. I didn't how amazing Callea is until I listened to his 'The prayer myself'. I'm sure this new release is also going to be dope!
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