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The Beautiful Monument

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08/17/17 06:21:00PM
By: admin Posted in: News
The Beautiful Monument

The Beautiful Monument is an exciting alternative rock band out of Australia that we’re excited to highlight. The all-female band dropped their debut album I’m the Sin in February of this year, an ambitious 12 song collection of fantastic, hard hitting tracks, most noticeable are songs “Disorder” and “Manifestation”. Now out with a new music video for the song “Sins” off their latest project, The Beautiful Monument present a 5 star visual to accompany the drowsy, slithering, and wicked song. The video for “Sins” is hosted on the Dreambound YouTube channel, a brand The Beautiful Monument have worked with in the past.

The Beautiful Monument deliver a heavy, magnificent sound, and their new “Sins” video delivers exactly that theme and visual. By now the band has penned down a wide collection of memorable songs and are now building their catalog of epic music videos to go along with it. At this point in their career The Beautiful Monument have also developed a skilled and energetic stage presence, so if you’re lucky enough to see The Beautiful Monument live, you surely are in store for the full package.

Keep up to date with The Beautiful Monument and see all their latest moves by following them on Facebook. Be sure to give their music a listen on Spotify or Bandcamp, and don’t forget to check The Beautiful Monument YouTube and Bandcamp pages. The Beautiful Monument also have their own merch site for fans to purchase limited edition merchandise at thebeautifulmonument.bigcartel.com.

Juliet Emmanuel
09/20/17 11:22:41AM @juliet-emmanuel:
My favorite track still remains 'Manifestation'. I loved it the first time I listened to it and immediately I knew these girls are no doubt, going to places!
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Latest Comments
Re: Make a Better...
02/22/18 01:25:01PM
By: lachezar.aleksandrov

It's about complete composition, even with poor knowledge of English. Well said and done, thanks for sharing with us!

Gerard van den Hoek
Re: Make a Better...
02/01/18 09:11:00PM
By: Gerard van den Hoek

The name tells enough.

Re: Make a Better...
02/02/18 10:16:49PM
By: NewNobility

Thank you

Re: Farasa
01/22/18 06:41:59AM
By: Farasa

I love this site...that's the truth

Re: Waterfalls Are...
01/17/18 05:10:15AM
By: cheska

Definitely expressive and fresh dose of alternative classic rock to my ears in a world filled with too many pop mainstream-y songs. Glad to hear people choose to defy the norm and just really stick...

Re: Shannon Noll
01/17/18 05:07:20AM
By: cheska

What's nice to highlight as well here is that Shannon's family chose to support his career even though their family background was leaning into the farming business, I know lots of people who are...

Re: Love
01/17/18 05:04:37AM
By: cheska

I've always had a thing for songs that give us the feel good vibes and I think this song hits the right places. Love is indeed paradise! Great work and props to the people behind the music.

Re: NewNobility
01/17/18 04:57:16AM
By: cheska

Well, it's definitely always nice to hear when people/bands play for the passion and beliefs they've always had rather than the money making side of things. I admire the path you've chosen in the...

Re: NewNobility
01/17/18 06:06:37AM
By: NewNobility

Thank you

Harriet bruce
Re: Make a Better...
01/17/18 01:58:50AM
By: Harriet bruce

The underlying theme of the album alone is compelling enough to make one want to listen.
"Make a better world" attracted me to this irresistible music. I'll always want to have more of this.


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