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09/20/17 05:14:24PM @baba-ewi-oluwaseun:
Seriously, I hardly listen to this genre of music but Morth is gradually getting to change my mind pretty quick.
I love the way he brings up the whole thing especially while on stage.

08/06/17 11:07:53PM @mitchell:
Indeed... Morth is a great artiste. I love his songs as well as stage performance. Really keeps me wanting more.
08/06/17 07:21:33PM @joanne-c:
Even though I don't usually listen to this genre I find your style quite different from all the other bands. I find your song "Guilty Pleasure" quite refreshing. Your guitar skills are also totally top notch. I hope more people will learn about your music because its quite cool.
About Morth

Meet MORTH, Shock Rockers influenced by 80s metal. Based in Victoria, Australia.

MORTH is a theatrical band with more props than an 80s horror movie and more makeup than Rocky Horror. MORTH has gone back t...o the 80s era of metal with influences like Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, KISS, WASP, Lizzie Borden ETC. MORTH has a very visual show which will leave you wanting more, whether you love or hate them you will not be able to take your eyes off the show that is going on. MORTH welcomes you to the show.


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