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The NFL and EA are putting up the added

By: lolgavip
Posted in: Madden Mobile Account

The NFL and EA are putting up the added than $400,000 in cost money for the new tournament. EA told Bloomberg that the aggregation is on the anchor forĀ Madden Mobile Account accumulated sponsors to get on lath with the Madden NFL Club Championship (companies like McDonald's and Progressive accept sponsored accomplished e-sports contest hosted by EA), and there's even the achievability of award advertisement television ally to air some of the competitions.

The tournament's advertisement is angry to Tuesday's admission of the latest copy of the accepted NFL video game, Madden NFL 18. EA says the Madden NFL authorization has awash added than 100 actor units over added than two decades, and the antecedent chapter awash added than 1 actor units in its aboriginal anniversary of availability endure year.

Given the franchise's popularity, it's no abruptness that EA would wish to accomplish the advance into e-sports, as the admirers for advancing gaming continues to grow. EA formed out its aboriginal e-sports competitions featuring Madden NFL amateur endure year. The Madden NFL Club Championship is the third accident of the company's Madden NFL Championship Alternation EA Majors, and it is the aboriginal to absorb the accord of all 32 NFL teams.


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