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Nexon Still Has A Lot To Do Together With MapleStory
Wednesday May 9 2018, 7:57 PM

Do you believe there should be some more changes with it? I truly hate the double standard in Fantasy Defender, which hasn't been adjusted yet!

It goes to prove that dull Nexon has yet again just taken half the action of only closing the loophole. Sure maybe the rankings were reset but people got far more Symbols than they should have and none of them were either penalized or stripped of the abused rewards. The VFMs were warning many not to part-take in Maplestory 2 Mesos, but each of those abusers got was a slap on the wrist. A event previously Hunters Club with boundless quests which hasn't made a recurrence also had no punishment.

Yet action was shot onto illegitimate items exceptionally late which needs to be done earlier.

Action taken should be consistent also on a decent amount of time. Many gamers have complained about hackers during many years in MapleStory and they've only grown in larger amounts. Hackers have been reported by gamers also, but the actions taken are almost non-existent. Botters that were reported are probably still there. And they always get maplestory 2 mesos easily, I really can not endure this, why you will find rich in game, and I'm lack of mesos.

There's also drop speed where the announcement thread for this was locked. Does that imply that the discussion is finished? In fact I believe there has been way too much discussion, and much better transparency towards the game. The fact that some things are overlooked or failed makes the community feel corrupt because of the lack of activity that was never accepted or too late.

These aren't only maplestory2 mesos phrases, but fragments from part of this community at times. It unacceptable how things are going for MapleStory, which explains why I haven't recommended this game to anybody. It has great potential in many locations, but where buy Maplestory Mesos is lacking still has a giant emptiness.

I truly have complicated feelings with MapleStory, I have been playing this game for almost 9 decades, I spend the majority of my free time on it and hope to play the game with a lot of my friends - the real world friends and virtaul world buddies, they are all my friends.

And do you agree with Nexon's new adjustments? Or it's just so tricky for you to accept the drop speed?

Unfunded players saying getting nodestones is hopeless is sincerelly bullshit, I got to 2m range in like 3 or 4 months before spending a single dollar on the match and I managed to find maximum lv of nodestones on my skills without even having one piece of drop equipment,I only used a spider and 2x occasions, and with the walnut points some events provided us for free I purchased every now and then a 2x drop coupon, yes it took me like 3 weeks to max out them but hey its not hopeless,and others have said its fair to say that ppl who spend actual money on the game should get an edge over people that doesnt spend any money at this is a fact it wouldnt be fair otherwise.

They need to not nerf the drop rate whatsoever in my opinion, it's perfect as it is now and its not impossible for unfunded players to acquire end game gear or nodestones, you merely have to know about the sport and work for this and when ure lazy then just spend actual cash and block ur stuff for drop.

From the changes, drop rate was made to only partly apply to certain drops like nodes, symbols and event drops. Basically everything you'd ever really use it for, besides directors. It's dreadful for people who really bothered to get fall gear. People should be rewarded to be prepared for articles, instead of being punished by senseless nerfs similar to this.

There is nothing to gain out of it for anyone but hackers and botters, who'll be free to control the nodestone marketplace. It would be a massive mistake to bring this to GMS, and it was a disaster in KMS. Nexon need to expect nothing short of that here and back off with the nerfs.

The drop rate changed and even the unfunded was getting less nodestones, they all need is people to grind mode and take longer to maximum abilities, I see the way my buddy quited after he maximized his nodes, even if it was a lower drop rate he wouldn't have quited so premature and problably would utilize some nx too, 5 or perhaps 10nodestones for its cusuals are a LOT, they'd easily max their skills and finally quit after they get bored.

Alright, the changed drop rate will not bring problems for the players like me, since I'm the editor of maplestory2 mesos.com, that is one of the most popular maplestory 2 mesos store on the current market, this usually means that I can get a good deal of inexpensive mesos easily.

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