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How to be successful in the music industry?

user image 2019-02-18
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How to be successful in the music industry?

Every musician wants to achieve success, but more often than not this is very hard to do. And the reason is simple, the industry is full of challenges and there’s a lot of competition too. So you have to wonder, how can you stand out of the crowd and achieve that much-wanted success?

Work with the best people you can find

If you want to start a band, find the best persons for every instrument. Also, if you want to have a solo career, you will still need a manager and people that will help you with writing, performing, getting gigs and so on. Either way you always need someone that you can trust and rely on. and that’s what will help you achieve greatness in the industry.

Invest in the best equipment you can afford

Do you want to make it big? Then it’s important to make sure you purchase good equipment. After all, your sound quality matters too, especially if you want to promote yourself online. Don’t go in debt for getting the right equipment, but try to get the best option within your budget.

Be different

You will notice that lots of bands sound the same nowadays, and they even have a similar look too. If you want success, you do need to be a bit different when compared to others. That’s when you will be able to stand out of the crowd. Study the genre, see what type of bands or singers are there and then come up with something unique. Also, try to create a brand around your music too, make it easy to recognize.

Build connections

Don’t hesitate to interact with music professionals and even newcomers in the industry. Remember, the music industry is all about people, entertainment and connectivity. Being courteous, respecting others and offering amazing experiences will always pay off.

Experiment with new ideas

Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to create good music. And you will get to achieve that with the right approach. The best thing that you can do is to try and come up with new music that’s refreshing and unlike what people expect, but still catchy and fun to listen to. Innovation is a key to success, so try to consider that.

Learn from mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of the industry. Just study the music industry and you will notice that many singers made lots of mistakes themselves. But it’s what you learn from them and what you will do in the end that matters the most. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do, but the results can indeed shine.

Take your time, study the situation and actively focus on finding the right approach. It’s not always a walk in the park to start your music career, but it does have the potential to do wonders if you stick to it. Don’t be discouraged by mistakes and learn from them, then you will be more than okay!


Brownies Phakthippha
01/28/21 08:48:50PM @brownies-phakthippha:
Lots of helpful information here. Thank you!
bon bon
07/15/20 07:56:22PM @bon-bon:
You’ve written nice post, I am gonna bookmark this page, thanks for info. I actually appreciate your own position and I will be sure to come back here. Thanks.
04/14/19 11:03:04PM @kambas:
This is a very sensitive topic and in some cases seems circumstantial. A lot of the time we find people with huge talent and amazing songs, melodies and/or lyrics and are overlooked or undermined by the industry and sometimes we see not such great music getting all the attention in the world. It's just that type of industry.

Sometimes it helps to know the right people or person that can get you in and sometimes no matter how good you are it might seems like you just can't get a break. It is very important to identify what these factors are in order to become a successful musician.


Ornella Acerbi
04/07/19 10:42:30AM @ornella-acerbi:
I believe that trying to be different is the best way to be successful in the music industry. People get tired of the same thing, and are always looking for clever and innovating people with new ideas to bring to the music industry.
04/05/19 10:54:12PM @jimliston:
I agree that you want to find the best musicians you can but it's important to find people that you can work with. You're going to be spending a lot of time together and some tension is normal, but you have to be able to work out your disagreements. The band's sound is important but I think the overall vibe is what the audience craves and they love to watch a band where it's evident that everyone gets along. Have fun!

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