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@admin • 5 months ago
We are Your Social Music Network! Come Blog about music related stuff! Come Post about music related stuff in the Forum! We are for YOU the artist, the fan! From Australia to the World! Music has no limits! #music #band #artist #singer #songwriter #musicchart #metal #rock #indie #goth #hiphop #country #pop #alternative #musicindustry #socialnetwork #promotion #marketing #australia #usa #uk #bandmag #follow #like #share #worldwide #blog #lyrics #events #gigs #media #news #1love
Harriet bruce
@harriet-bruce • last year
Music is life! Am thrilled by the message this group conveys, I can wait to get back the enthusiasm I had in good music. These must be a set of amazing singers to win several awards. I'll have to follow up your events and tracks.
@yokobattle • last year • comments: 0
colors of power music <3
@yersh321 • last year
I'm a simple listener. I love any music. I listen to classics, rock, rap, hiphop, etc. The main thing is not the style, but the taste and talent of the performer!
@ridiculastrixx • 6 months ago
2019 Josie Music Awards
please vote:
Best rock song- Surrender
Best pop song- Surrender
Best Duo/Group of the Year
Vocalist of the Year - Ronneca Lynn
Rising Star

make sure to click Age Category: Adult 18+
and our link is : www.facebook.com/ridiculastrixx
@ridiculastrixx • 6 months ago
Come listen to RIDICULAS TRIXX on the LDM Radio and go to www.ldmradio.com for more information and to VOTE for RIDICULAS TRIXX for the 2020 LDM Music Awards-- at LDM Network Studio (click on vote then on the 4th Annual click here button)
@ridiculastrixx • 6 months ago
Dear Ridiculas Trixx,

We are excited for you to be a part of this year's gala event, which will be a digital ceremony streamed live from Akademia Studios in Los Angeles on April 18, 2019 at 7 PM (PST).

Last month you were notified that you've been officially nominated by The Akademia for The Akademia Executive Award (our highest honor) for exceptional talent, dedication and contribution to the field of music. This is a significant accomplishment to be selected out of thousands of top artists from all around the world.Congratulations on your award nomination for The Akademia Executive Award! We look forward to an amazing gala event!

Kind regards,

The Akademia Team

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