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@heatknung245 • 11 months ago
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@biotouchalberta • 7 months ago
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@hot-water-tank-winnipeg • one month ago
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@mmo4pal • 2 months ago
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@lhaqm • last year
as we re-entered the gates.

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Little Steely Brothers
@little-steely-brothers • last year
Little Steely Brothers pay tribute to the classic hits of Little River Band, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers and Eagles. Whilst we are a "Tribute Band", we are not impersonators. There are no spangled costumes, or wigs, just 6 seasoned professional musicians who put our effort into sounding as much like the original bands as we can!

The idea of bringing together the sounds of some of the classic West Coast American Rock bands with our own Little River Band was brought into being by a group of friends whose musical careers have been interlinked for more than three decades. A musical friendship like this that develops early and continues over decades is a rare thing. With up to 5 strong vocal harmony voices, duelling lead guitars, classic Keyboards, and a solid rhythm section, the band is easily considered one of the best in their genre. They handle the challenging task of reproducing the sounds of these popular bands with class and professionalism.

Little Steely Brothers perform at RSL Clubs, Corporate gigs, Festivals and venues across South East Qld. Currently a regular at Cleveland’s Grand View Hotel, and having added a “Rock the Boat” cruise to their resume, with another coming up in 2019, plus a “Cruisin’ Country” cruise in 2019, the guys are looking forward to taking their show as far as they can.
@admin • 3 months ago
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@lhaqm • last year
'Maybe,' said the Elf; 'but a heavy boot might leave no print here: the grass is deep and springy.'

'That would not baffle a Ranger,' said Gimli. 'A bent blade is enough for Aragorn to read. But I do not expect him to find any traces. It was an evil phantom of Saruman that we saw last night. I am sure of it, even under the light of morning. His eyes are looking out on us from Fangorn even now, maybe.' tera gold

'It is likely enough,' said Aragorn; 'yet I am not sure. I am thinking of the horses. You said last night, Gimli, that they were scared away. But I did not think so. Did you hear them, Legolas? Did they sound to you like beasts in terror?'

'No,' said Legolas. 'I heard them clearly. But for the darkness and our own fear I should have guessed that they were beasts wild with some sudden gladness. They spoke as horses will when they meet a friend that they have long missed.'

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