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Reflections into the Soul
Friday February 15 2019, 1:30 PM
Reflections into the Soul

if INTO THE STORM you find yourself struggling, trying to find the twist and turns in life, fighting to survive in a society of misfits and the misunderstood GETCHA SOME inner strength and knowledge , to over come your fears, it is your choice whether to MEET THE REAPER, in the depths of hell, with boiling blood and curdling tales, SOUTH BOUND , you will go, if you don't realize , that all it takes is to be true to yourself , look in the mirror , see through the webs that have been woven, and say to yourself, JUST LOVE ME. You can overcome , pain, because WATERFALLS ARE BEAUTIFUL and when life gets you down, it is ok to step back and take a breathe, SURRENDER, but , never give up.

@admin   4 weeks ago
Ornella Acerbi
@ornella-acerbi   2 weeks ago
A beautiful poem, with so much strength. It really touched something in me. I love the work of Ridiculas Trixx (even though I just heard about them!). I would love to see this work come to life in a song :).
@ridiculastrixx   6 days ago
Thank You @ornella-acerbi I added each one of RIDICULAS TRIXX songs in the poem example: Into the Storm, Getcha Some etc and I just may do that - Thank You again for all of your love and support .
@kambas   one week ago
Sounds deep and mesmerising and perhaps indicates that there are unseen things in our world that have a strong effect on our existence.
Kind of like oxygen, we don't see it but it is vital for us to breathe air to survive.
Most people tend to have a philosophical approach to deeper things in life but what is even more interesting is finding their true origin and discovering these origins brings greater understanding of the world that we live in.

@ridiculastrixx   6 days ago
Thank You @Kambas and you are exactly correct. Thank You for all of your love and support
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