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Conrad Sewell

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user image 12/22/18 12:00:00AM
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Conrad Sewell

Born in Bristol, England in 1988, he might as well be a prince or part of a royal family just by his full name ‘Conrad Ignatius Mario Maximillian Sewell’, pretty prince-like, don’t you think? This Australian singer-songwriter, based in Brisbane, reached relevance into the music scene in 2015 when he participated in “Firestone” which was a song he wrote for the Norwegian DJ Kygo.

Conrad was born in a family of musicians; his grandparents were singers, who opened shows for The Bee Gees themselves, he started recording demos since the age of 8 years old and participated in a lot of projects along with his school partners. Sewell worked several years to finance his music career, at 18 years old he traveled back to England to record a demo which got him a record deal with a German Label, however, the band didn’t last long.

Sewell decided to not be defeated and moved to Stockholm where he gained interest in composition and studied with several pop music producers. In order to launch his career he decided then to move to LA in 2014 and got a contract with Universal Music Publishing group, he met producer Jamie Hartman and wrote "Start Again" with him.

When "Firestone" happened, Kygo’s public received it very well; the track was a hit in several countries in Europe, including France and Germany. In 2015 the British Phonographic Industry gave the song a platinum certification by selling over 600,000 copies in the UK. The RIAA gave the song a gold certification for selling more than 500,000 copies. Australia also certificated the single with platinum.

In March of 2015 he was the opening act for Ed Sheeran’s X tour in Australia and also Maroon 5’s V tour. In this same year while touring he published “Hold me up” with great success in Australia and a moderated success in USA.

His influences are from soul music which he heard since he was a kid, when he was a teenager he would listen to rock bands such as: The strokes, Coldplay, U2, and Kings of Leon.

These days Conrad is actively promoting his newest singles "Come Clean" and "Healing Hands" from his latest project Ghosts & Heartaches.

Stay tuned for more news, releases, tours and updates in Conrad Sewell's social media.

Conrad Sewell website
Conrad Sewell Facebook
Conrad Sewell Twitter

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