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    Has any foreign musician found a way to overcome tax withholding for your royalties? (legally)

    Because I am not a US resident, 30% of my earnings are withhold by the US. Is there any way to avoid this? Ive heard something like filling the tax form as a company instead of an individual but idk (and im very bad with taxes/legal info). Just wondering if any musician knows a workaround for this, im sure there must be a legal way.


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    Engineering opportunities

    Hey legends, I'm a head engineer for an executive producer in Sydney Australia, I work underneath the executive producer and I've recently picked up 2 engineers to work underneath me, currently looking for a 3rd, Im looking for someone who is hungry, passionate and work in genres of modern rap/rnb etc. Experience isn't necessarily important, If your mixes are fire then it doesn't matter how old/experienced you are.
    If anyone is interested send me a PM of a Link of a mix that you've done and well go from there.

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    Would I be making a mistake as a total newbie making a purchase decision solely off the Value prop?

    I’m a total newbie who suffers from major analysis paralysis. I’ve been researching midi keyboards, to buy my first ever, and was sold on the Novation Launchkey mini and included ableton live lite key. <$100 for good value I thought, though the lite key is certainly very restricted with only 8 audio tracks available.

    Switch then to researching Logic Pro, and it seems such amazing value for $200. Fully unlocked, tons of features and instruments/sounds, seems well supported online and used by many. So now my head is turned by Logic Pro, but the keyboard I was going to buy is not well supported.

    Would you recommend I proceed with a Logic Pro 90-day trial and buy a different midi keyboard, or go with the Novation + Ableton lite?


    Yes I know - you have probably seen this over and over again. But I’m a total newbie and I’m certain the replies would help others who stumble upon this in the future, too. Many thanks.

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    [Question] When using Splice, do you have to pay for every individual sample or sample pack? How does the subscription work?

    I want to get a sample from a splice pack. As far as I understood it, Splice is a subscription service where you get monthly credits for the subscription. You can use those credits in exchange for a sample pack that you choose. Does this credit exchange also count for just one sample/preset of just one sample pack or are these free? Couldn't I just download every sample individually from different sample packs "if they are free"? How does this work? Also how is the commercial licensing when selling beats with Splice samples?

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    For new music makers: critical listening

    Hey all,

    I’ve been seeing a lot of posts of newer music makers stating their music doesn’t sound like x, their music is boring, how can they make their music do x. This answer may sound simple, but here is one big way to help with all these issues: critical listening.

    We know you’re all able to listen, because you can determine all the things wrong with your own music. Now use that same skill on tracks you love and listen very closely to find out what you LOVE about them. I’m talking about going deeper than a song having a cool melody or cool sound design. Listening and taking notes on the following things can do wonders for your own writing: - what is each instrument doing in relation to one another? Is the guitar following the notes of the bass or is it doing it’s own thing? What are the drums doing to keep the track interesting? Does the guitar melody repeat itself or is the player adding flares to keep it fresh? - how are the instruments and arrangement changing in the verse, chorus, intro, etc? Are they adding more effects to make things sound bigger or smaller? Are they adding or taking away elements to keep things interesting? - the Melodys of the track - how do they interact with one another?

    The list can go on forever, but the main point is that you can learn a shit ton from the music you love, and much of that critical listening can tell you a lot more about what you need to do than vague comments from people on forums (including me). So find a track that sounds like the sound you’re going for and dissect the shit out of it on a molecular level. Rinse and repeat for a few tracks, and then put it into practice on your own work. I did this when I started producing and it taught me so, so much. I hope it can do the same for you.

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