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    What exactly is this 80s snare sound coming from ?

    Can anyone identify the exact drum machine this snare sound is coming from?


    I know they use Korg DDD-1, 707 and 505 samples, but I can’t quite get the same sound with them.

    Any ideas?


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    New to making music as a whole, where do I start?

    Hey everybody,

    so I really want to start to learn how to make music. I have basically zero background in music, other than when I played drums years and years ago back in middle school. I'm not too concerned about making beats or anything like that, I really just want to try to make my own song. I've been inspired by the likes of The Kid Laroi, Iann Dior, Juice WRLD, and others. I really just want to be able to record my vocals and be able to mix and master them so that I have a decent sounding end product.

    I've been watching numerous youtube tutorials and looking all over online trying to achieve this goal, but it has been a lot more difficult than I had previously anticipated.

    I guess my question is, how do I start? All these youtube videos use a bunch of jargon that, as a newbie, I just don't understand and only leads to confuse me more. Also it seems to me that the youtube tutorials I've been able to find aren't really geared toward beginners as much as they are toward people with at least a little experience.

    Sorry if this is not the right subreddit for this question or if this question seems unnecessary due to the overwhelming amount of information that's on the internet regarding this topic. I've just been trying learn how to mix and master my vocals for some months now and I always seem to hit a brick wall when it comes to truly understanding what I should be doing or how I should start.

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    Sofi Tukker guitar/vocal sound in Purple Hat chorus

    What are they doing processing-wise on the guitar and vocal for that chorus? Similar thing in Best Friend I think...

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    VU and Peak not tallying up

    Hi Music Makers,I'm on the road to learn about gain staging, and having watched The Digital Audio Sweet Spot I thought I'd try out a VU Meter and see what's what.

    I've adjusted the sensitivity on my audio interface so that when I play the guitar, the peak meter hovers around -18.....all good.

    I then added a mvMeter2 VU Meter to the FX Chain, and selected the 'VU Standard' pre-set with a reference level of -18.

    When I play the guitar I expect the VU to be around 0, but it's hovering around -7

    https://youtu.be/1hxMidhTLa8?t=336 makes me think that if I have -18 on my full scale meter, the VU should read 0.

    What am no understanding? I'm unsure which meter I should trust :( Any advice appreciated.


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