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MapleStory 2 has added a few new gameplay features as part of that annual winter update cycle. The latest patch features a fishing minigame as well because ability for players to compose their very own music and perform concerts.

Nexon has included various fishing rods, fishing-related costumes, and naturally plenty of different fish to hook (though many of these are simply different sizes in the same fish). For the musically inclined, the developers have added both a piano plus a guitar, which players could use to perform solo or inside a four-person group.

Aside from fishing and music, MapleStory 2’s latest patch has added a different PvE island, three new open world bosses, and a whole new set of endgame weapons. Oh, and don’t forget about the brand new solo dungeons and new four- and 10-player dungeons, too! Nexon has yet to announce a North American or possibly a European MapleStory 2 launch, though MMO Culture reports how the firm is going to be managing NA and EU servers from the future.

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NBA 2K14 soundtrack revealed

By mmotony, 2018-10-09

Chosen my cover star LeBron James, the 20-song soundtrack features Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," "Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys, and "Clint Eastwood" from Gorillaz.
"2K is letting me manage some key components in NBA 2K14, including this season's soundtrack," James said in the statement. "I love that I'm the very first NBA 2K cover athlete to find the soundtrack."
The full track list is below.
Developed by Visual Concepts, NBA 2K14 launches October 1 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game can even release for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 later in 2010. A Wii U version just isn't in development.

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In the grand, stupid, and neglected tradition of 50 MLB The Show 18 Stubs baseball-related metal bands, 50 baseball-related dog names, and 50 baseball players whorrrre also complete sentences, here i will Buy MLB The Show 18 Stubs discuss 50 baseball online games that I would play:

Grand Theft Votto
Mario Mendoza + Rabbids
Jimmie Foxx 64
Ninja Maddon
The Chronicles of Reddick: Escape From Chavez Ravine
Milt Pappas the Rapper
The Legend of Zoilo
Dibble Bobble
Shadow on the George Foster
Crash Brandonbelt
Jeff Kent Radio
Finley Fantasy III
Fred Lynn Redemption
Resident Avila Zero
Florimon Gold and Silver
Whitey Herzog Zwei
Secret of Lackey Island
Ray Knights on the Old Republic
Addison’s Reed II
Conger’s Bad Fur Day
Mitch Meier’s Railroad Tycoon
1080o Adam Lind
Surickrhoden 2
Elevator Acta
Masato Yoshii’s Island
DIFO ‘18
Rance Rance Revolution
Panzer Bret Boone Saga
Mark Lowe Madness
Return to Randy Wolfenstein
Darvish Moon 64
Mike Bordick’s Punch Out!!
Galarraga’s Ambition
Slider Scrolls 3: Brandon Morrowind
Bionic Sal Bando
Met Roids II: Return of Jenrry
Call of Drury: Ghosts
Devers May Cry
Team Jeffress 2
Banjo Matsui
Turang: Dinosaur Hunter
Balfour’s Gate
King in the Matt Stairs 2
Yosts and Goblins

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Need a lot more anime figures in your lifetime? Well, when your collection is feeling a lttle bit sparse, then Funko is here now to help. After all, it's like the collectible company has intentions to roll out a slew of latest anime Pop figures this month.

Recently, Funko Pop News shared a different report that Digimon Masters Online Tera detailed this month’s new figure line-up. The piece lists several dozen new figures, but anime fans are honing in on its various anime additions.

If the report is appropriate, then Digimon will ultimately get a long-awaited Pop debut. It seems like Funko has offers to debut its first combination of Digimon collectibles, plus it will house some very well liked digital monsters. Agumon and Gabumon are getting their particular figures. Tai and Matt will join the collection likewise.

Along with ten new Power Rangers figures, Funko promises to drop other sorts of Japan-centric piece. One Piece can get four new Pop toys. Usopp, Donquixote Doflamingo, Sanji, and Nico all will be getting figures this month.

Finally, My Hero Academia is defined to get five new Pops too. Right now, there isn't a word on what characters could make up this new series, but fans have their own hopes. So far, characters like Izuku, Iida, and All Might are already immortalized through Pop figures. Audiences would love to find out heroes like Todoroki, Eraserhead, and even more join the fray.

Right now, there isn't any word on when these special DMO Gold Funko additions will hit shelves. ComicBook could keep you updated as visuals and pre-orders are produced public. Will you be picking these up? Let me know within the comments or hit me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to speak all things comics, k-pop, and anime!

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