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"I Have Met / I Have Seen "
" Amal: Hey i am big fan of Drake and it was my dream to watch drake which has come true Drake is the best performer I’ve seen. I’ve seen... "
"Pop "
"Cool. Similar to Charlie XCX I guess. "
"Now Playing "
"Lol, back when I was an innocent 5-6-year-old. When I was 12, I wasn't so innocent. "
"Upcoming Tours "
"7 spots, 3 of them being in England, should not be called an European tour. Good luck to everyone trying to get tickets though "
"Reggae "
" @amal I remember watching the video on this song where they showed both versions with the history. It was Heart of Glass. I will have to look up... "
"Reggae "
"For those who may not know, The Group Blondie big hit "Heart of Glass" was actually a Reggae song that the group changed to play in the US. I think... "
"Soundtrack "
" A great song from one of my new favorite albums. The guitar and keyboards really compliment each other on the softer parts of the song, and the... "
"Anime "
"Might as well add another Black Clover singer to for Fairy Tail OP/ED 4 " Protection Status