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5 Online Marketing Tips For All Beginner Business Owners

user image 2019-12-25
By: DigitalJunkies
Posted in: Digital Marketing

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5 Online Marketing Tips For All Beginner Business Owners

Have you recently started a business or taken over one that has very little of an online presence to speak of? The best way to get your name out there (and hopefully to attract some new clients or customers) is through online marketing, but this can prove to be dangerous territory for beginners. Whilst it is always recommended that you hire a professional marketing company to help you promote your business, there are a number of services that you should be looking for as a part of your search:

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Web Design

The most important weapon in your arsenal will be a website, so you should be looking for a marketing company that is able to provide you with this service. If the business already has a website, determine how old it is and how much was spent on its construction. You will have better chances at success with a site that is relatively new and that is completely custom made.



This is one of the most popular ways for promoting your business or your products online. All you need is an image of your product or service and some advertising lingo that you can place in strategic places on your website. These banners should be attention grabbing, as you want to entice those browsing your site to click for further information. Ensure that these banners are created properly, as they can look pretty average.


Email Marketing

This is an online marketing technique that is continuously growing in popularity; all it requires is that you send out an email on a regular basis (once a month or fortnight tends to be the norm) filled with information about your services and products, as well as information that your customers might be interested in. You must ensure that you only send emails to people who have requested the information.



You might like to consider a one-off publication, known as an ezine, that clients can download from your website. This document might be filled with information that is relevant to your clients, such as care information for your products. You might also like to make the ezine a quarterly publication, providing clients with information about everything that is happening in your industry at the moment.


Search Engine Optimisation

This is a technique that requires a very specific skill set - not all marketing companies will be able to complete it according to the standards that you require. It involves optimizing your website so that it ranks better in online searches without having to pay for programs like AdWords, which can prove to be expensive. There are a number of different techniques involved.

If you have recently started your own business or have acquired one that you wish to promote, it is important that you make online marketing your first point of call. As you can see from the above list, there are 5 services that you can use to advertise your business to the public, and you need to ensure that the marketing company that you have chosen is able to provide you with them all. You don't want to employ 5 different companies who are each working against each other, after all.


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