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Top 10 Email Marketing Tips to Generate More Sales for Your Business

By: bulk20
Posted in: email marketing

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Like me, you've probably r eceived bulk emails sent from some company who'd like to win your heart in exchange for their services or products. These emails and messages within seem very simple on the surface, but in reality good emails contain tactics that increase the odds of the reader taking action.

Since most people skim through the subject line of the message sent or just simply peek at the preview pane, the best email marketing strategy to begin with is to make sure your subject lines are appealing and intriguing. In short, make your subject line too irresistible to pass on!

Although many email marketing tips exist, you do not need to know every single one to get your email marketing campaign kicking. What you need to know is how to properly structure your email for maximum effect. Here are some tips to get you going in the right direction:

The Subject Line
As mentioned earlier, your subject is one of the most important components. It's your "attention-grabber". Take the time to come up with something appealing to your readers. Take note, however, that aside from it being an attention-grabber, it should hint about what the email is about.

As much as possible, avoid key phrases that will only flag your email as junk. You do not want your hard work to be filtered or end up in the trash bin.

For a guideline, a good subject line is normally under 30 characters.

Consistent Design
Now this seems simple. But often times it is overlooked.

Display your corporate identity by showing the appropriate colors, logo or design that is recognizable to your customers. The design should be consistent with what you are as a business.

If possible avoid including a lot of images or HTML. An excessive amount may trigger smtp relay which means your message may not be delivered. A simple strategy is to focus on the message itself instead of the "window dressing" around the message.

The Content (i.e. the body)
The most important thing is to deliver the promise made in the subject line ASAP.

The introductory sentences of your email should be clear and concise. Think of why or how your email will matter to the person receiving it. Why will your audience open or read it?

Make it a habit to "walk in your prospects shoes" to determine how best to market to them. Your subject line will get attention but you need to follow-up with good content to keep them engaged.


You do not need to hard sell. You can discuss the benefits you received and how it also may help them. Sometimes, people like it more when you do it in a subtle or softer way opposed to convincing them abruptly to buy this and that when they do not really plan on buying anything from a not-so-familiar email.

Single Objective
A single objective is critical.

Trying to promote many things in one email is confusing to the prospect. Eliminate confusion by focusing your message on a single purpose. Conversion tests have shown that by reducing the number of choices it also leads to increase in conversion.

Proactive Approach
The secret ingredient to a good email marketing campaign is to take a proactive approach that informs your audience about what you would like them to do.

Take for example a video that you would like your prospect to view or download; you can insert a call to action in a certain form with a good tone.

Segment Your List
It is very important that you segment readers based on interests. It is much better to have many small lists then one giant list with everyone jumbled in together. Plus segmented email lists generally are also very responsive. Pretty much every autoresponder service allows you to easily perform this action.

Think About Your Readers
We've all received emails we didn't really want or need?

Of course you want all everyone on your list to receive your emails but remember to give them a chance to opt-out. You only want people on your list that want to be there. It is much better for your overall deliverability that only interested parties receive your email.

If you allow them to opt out whenever they wish, you are actually telling them that you respect their decision with regards to availing your services. This also adds a level of professionalism to your business.

Constant Evaluation
Even the fastest typist commits some typographical errors. Typos can happen regardless of how you would like to avoid them. Sometimes, some words or phrases just don't make sense; thus it's important to check, check and check. Take a few minutes and review your email before you press the send button.

Send a number of test emails to determine the way the email will come out when it is sent. Send these to some of your buddies or family members to allow them to see how the email turns out and to evaluate their response to the email that you sent.

Get To Know Your Audience
Knowing your audience won't hurt. I don't suggest that you memorize their names or email addresses (because for sure there are going to be tons of them) but what I mean is, you need to know what their habits are or what things will make them interested with your products or services.

People who are interested in what you are offering have a greater chance of responding to your message.

I hope you can see now that email marketing speeds up your ability to increase profits. Plus knowing your audience and what they are looking for will guide you in satisfying their wants or needs. It can help you build your profile and ensure that when people require your services, the first person that will come into their mind is you.

Now get out there and use these email marketing tips don't just sit on this information!



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