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Reflections into the Soul

By RidiculasTrixx, 2019-02-15
Reflections into the Soul

if INTO THE STORM you find yourself struggling, trying to find the twist and turns in life, fighting to survive in a society of misfits and the misunderstood GETCHA SOME inner strength and knowledge , to over come your fears, it is your choice whether to MEET THE REAPER, in the depths of hell, with boiling blood and curdling tales, SOUTH BOUND , you will go, if you don't realize , that all it takes is to be true to yourself , look in the mirror , see through the webs that have been woven, and say to yourself, JUST LOVE ME. You can overcome , pain, because WATERFALLS ARE BEAUTIFUL and when life gets you down, it is ok to step back and take a breathe, SURRENDER, but , never give up.

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Helpful for any type of college students!

By Thomaswens, 2019-01-18

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If you choose an audio guitar

By jiaguo, 2019-01-07

Be aware that there are classical types (with nylon strip) and ordinary types (with metal sequences). The biggest problem with free guitar to dig into your meat, or that the guitar is too high, means that it is harder to dispose fires effectively. In fact, this can also be the same as an electric guitar. - glarry

Most people see guitar that is very good quality, very polite guitar. In fact, some people who do not have guitar are scared in the US. You can never think that Chinese or Legends are making mistakes and they can never buy a cheap guitar for sale, until recently.

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Dean Lewis

By admin, 2018-12-24
Dean Lewis

Singer and songwriter, Dean Lewis is originally from Sydney. He was inspired by the band Oasis while watching their live DVD in 2005, Lewis confesses he spent five years listening to every Oasis song and watching every single video they made ‘til he found his very own language and learned how to write songs.

He debuted in September of 2016 with his first digital single "Waves" in which he talks about how life gets ‘less exciting’ while one grows older. The song was released under the Island Records Australia label, the track was featured in several American TV shows like Suits, Shadowhunters and Riverdale.

"Waves" peaked at position 12 on the Australian ARIA charts receiving a triple platinum certification; it also received five nominations at the ARIA Music Awards in 2017, including "Song of the Year" and "Breakthrough Artist". The EP Same Kind of Different that would feature "Waves" and other hits like "Lose My Mind" and "Chemicals" was released on April 28th of 2017 landing at 27th position on the Australian Albums Charts.

In June of 2018 Lewis released what would be his first number one single "Be Alright" which stood at first position for five consecutive weeks earning a certification of quadruple platinum by ARIA, the single also received platinum certifications in Canada, New Zealand and Sweden. It also entered in the top 10 charts in countries like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Norway. This is also his very first single to chart on the United States’ Billboard Charts.

Dean Lewis is currently working on his first full length album, scheduled to be released sometime in 2019.

Don’t miss Dean Lewis on his official social networks to stay tuned for updates, further releases, tour dates and more!

Dean Lewis website
Dean Lewis Facebook

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Conrad Sewell

By admin, 2018-12-22
Conrad Sewell

Born in Bristol, England in 1988, he might as well be a prince or part of a royal family just by his full name ‘Conrad Ignatius Mario Maximillian Sewell’, pretty prince-like, don’t you think? This Australian singer-songwriter, based in Brisbane, reached relevance into the music scene in 2015 when he participated in “Firestone” which was a song he wrote for the Norwegian DJ Kygo.

Conrad was born in a family of musicians; his grandparents were singers, who opened shows for The Bee Gees themselves, he started recording demos since the age of 8 years old and participated in a lot of projects along with his school partners. Sewell worked several years to finance his music career, at 18 years old he traveled back to England to record a demo which got him a record deal with a German Label, however, the band didn’t last long.

Sewell decided to not be defeated and moved to Stockholm where he gained interest in composition and studied with several pop music producers. In order to launch his career he decided then to move to LA in 2014 and got a contract with Universal Music Publishing group, he met producer Jamie Hartman and wrote "Start Again" with him.

When "Firestone" happened, Kygo’s public received it very well; the track was a hit in several countries in Europe, including France and Germany. In 2015 the British Phonographic Industry gave the song a platinum certification by selling over 600,000 copies in the UK. The RIAA gave the song a gold certification for selling more than 500,000 copies. Australia also certificated the single with platinum.

In March of 2015 he was the opening act for Ed Sheeran’s X tour in Australia and also Maroon 5’s V tour. In this same year while touring he published “Hold me up” with great success in Australia and a moderated success in USA.

His influences are from soul music which he heard since he was a kid, when he was a teenager he would listen to rock bands such as: The strokes, Coldplay, U2, and Kings of Leon.

These days Conrad is actively promoting his newest singles "Come Clean" and "Healing Hands" from his latest project Ghosts & Heartaches.

Stay tuned for more news, releases, tours and updates in Conrad Sewell's social media.

Conrad Sewell website
Conrad Sewell Facebook
Conrad Sewell Twitter

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Take Advantage of All Touch Points

First on the checklist for growing your email marketing company is to consider all touch points with your prospects. At each touch point, you should be asking prospects to join your subscription list, subscribe to your service and/or register for a useful resource, like a whitepaper or webinar. Here is a checklist of places where you should be asking contacts to subscribe to your email marketing list:

Email Signatures. Create an email signature such as - "3 Reasons to Subscribe to our Email Marketing Tips Newsletter", with a link to the subscription landing page. Ask all employees to include it in their corporate signature.

All transactional emails. If you're confirming an order, paper download or anything else, always ask people to join your subscription list or register.

Product warranty / registration forms.

Invoices. Add your list contact information on every invoice. Are you sending electronic copies of invoices / sales receipts? If so - this is a perfect place to include a link to your sign up page.

Website. Every page should have an invitation to subscribe and a link to your email marketing registration page.

Surveys, customer satisfaction surveys.

Call Center. Ask support and sales staff to ask customers and prospects if they'd like to subscribe to your newsletters and correspondence.
Registration Landing Page Contents
We've seen many customers whose registration landing page is a lonely form with a dozen contact fields. Make sure the registration landing page has the following contents:

Make your case - clearly summarize the benefits. It sounds easy but 3 out of 5 sites don't explain the benefits of signing up.

Provide a link to a previous newsletter or two, or links to a few teaser pieces of content. This lets your potential subscribers review your newsletter before they sign up and determine if it is something they'd be interested in.

Clearly state your privacy policy and include a link to the details.

Include 1-2 customer testimonies

Do not include a long list of links to other pages. This is distracting and your goal should be to drive prospects to signup - don't provide other distractions.

Can you offer a relevant incentive? A free massage or T-shirt are nice options but you'll just get people who like free T-shirts and massages. If you offer reports or pay-for content, consider offering free access for subscribing.

Use Double opt-in. Also indicate clearly on your registration page that a link will be sent to the person's email. This increases the likelihood that people enter a valid contact mass email and reduces the likelihood of someone entering a spam honey-pot address.
Keep it Simple
Ask for what's needed - email, first / last name, perhaps company and phone. Ideally include check-boxes or a memo field so people can state their specific interests (or provide a note). Most Email Service Providers make it easy for to ask prospects to augment their profile later.

Be a Tease - Use Teaser Content

A more viral approach is to make a limited amount of your content readily available without requiring registration to your email list. Then include information on the benefits of joining your email marketing list, along with subscription links. Chances are that your paper will be downloaded and passed around to many more people who you would have otherwise not reached - allowing greater 'visibility and influence'. You may have fewer direct registrations overall but you gain broader visibility. Try combining the viral pass-around approach with standard registration for other content.

If you are producing podcasts and webinars, be sure to include a plug with contact information, registration page access and benefits.

Shameless Self-Promotion

If you are creating contributed content, press releases or blogs, here are a few opportunities to work in a bit of shameless self-promotion. Just don't "over-message" or over-sell:

Include Information and a Link to Your Newsletter in Press Releases - A good option for smaller companies. Include your company newsletter and other resources in press release copy.
Promote Your Email/Newsletter in Articles and Article Attribution - Include a reference and link to your newsletter after the by-line on articles in trade publications.
Mention in your Blog(s). A link to your registration page is fair game.
Use "Forward to a Friend" Forms
Virtually every email service provider ("ESP") includes a 'forward to a friend' option, where you can include a link for recipients to forward their email to a friend (or enemy). Forward to Friend forms can help you add 2-4% more contacts to your list.

Add Social Share Links to your Email Marketing Campaigns

Include social share links on every email (and on high value web pages on your site) so that recipients can easily share your great content (whitepapers, webinars etc). Though this won't directly add contacts to your list - if you include contact information within the body of the document, interested recipients / readers are more likely to come to your site and register for future resources.

Leverage your Twitter Account

Assuming you already have a Twitter account (you do, don't you?), use it. You can send emails to your twitter followers. Be cautious though; promotional emails are really highly frowned upon so be informational and informative vs. promotional when reaching out to Twitter contacts.

Another twitter tip - set up an auto-reply for people who follow you and include a link to your site or newsletter registration page.

Host Whitepapers and Webinars on SlideShare

Slideshare is quickly becoming the leading site for sharing documents like whitepapers, presentations and webinar events. Slideshare now has an option to add a registration page to any of your uploaded documents. Create a minimal registration form and collect contacts. SlideShare is now one of the top 500 sites on the Internet and gets north of 20 Million pageviews/month as of this article. They have plenty of well-targeted traffic - go get in front of it!

Partner Site Co-Registration

Partners and vendors that share a similar target market might consider co-registration relationship. Ask your partners if they would consider putting a co-registration offer on the "thank you" page of their own online offers, in exchange for you adding the same on your relevant registration pages.

For example, when new prospects sign up for a webinar, white paper or email newsletter or to attend a user conference, the page after they sign up might say, "Thank you, we have sent an email with a link to the requested paper. Would you also like to sign up for our partner's monthly newsletter?" Alternatively, consider offering a partner's paper, webinar etc on your sign-up page(s).

Email List Acquisition - Avoid Temptation

In a recent survey of marketing professionals, 63% of respondents said that they have bought one or more lists to grow their prospect database. 'Buying lists' is a hotly debated topic. Most email marketers will strongly recommend against using anything other than a double opt-in name and most ESP's (Email Service providers) require that you only send correspondence to names that have been acquired via opt-in procedures. Therefore, we recommend avoiding a straight-out list acquisition.


However, where data providers can be very helpful is by augmenting and correcting your existing (opt-in) contacts to help you improve segmentation. For example if your sign up forms collect email, first + last name (and perhaps company), consider using a list vendor to augment additional information that can be used to improve segmentation and audience targeting. This might include basic demographic information like title, gender, company, Industry or number of employees in the company.

Database / list vendors can also help clean up and 'normalize' your data. For example, your registration forms might collect recipient's first + last name, and company. The name "Bill" may be entered as Bil, Bill, William, etc. Good list vendors can help clean up your list for consistency.

Other database vendors such as Hart-Hanks, can provide you with information about specific product interests, hardware and software infrastructure installed at a given company and much more - all of which can be used to better target your audience.

More recently, some database vendors can append social contact information. If you provide an email address, they will provide the LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profile / page.

A Few Notes about List Quality

As you grow your email marketing list, know that the list will go through natural attrition, and contacts will change or become obsolete.

How do you measure the quality of the new contacts you've added to your list? Tracking and measuring the open and click-through rates are of course two key metrics to track the 'engagement' level with your contact. However, you should also compare the following metrics to your existing contact lists:

Hard Bounce Rate - Up to 3% of B2B contacts change every month, so even database that has been completely updated every quarter will see over 8% of your contact list become 'obsolete' or dead as a result of hard bounces.

SPAM Reports - When a recipient believes your email is SPAM and clicks the 'Report SPAM' button, a flag is raised and the delivering ISP will start to monitor your future mailing s to see if they are SPAM. Even with 100% double-opt-in emails you can expect complaints in the range of 1 per 1,000 emails sent to 1 in 5,000 email messages sent to be reported as SPAM. This can also happen automatically if for some reason you repeatedly send emails to a non-working email address. If your Email Service Provider (ESP) is reporting a higher complaint rate than one per 1,000 - it's time to seriously re-evaluate your email marketing message, targeting and send frequency.
In summary, building and maintaining a solid prospect list, especially for B2B marketers, is challenging and expensive. That said, following the above techniques overall can help you grow your active prospect lists by 50% to 300% in a relatively short time period.
Was this useful? If so - kindly share it on Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social sharing tool! All Pinpointe papers and webinars are free.

Download On-Demand Webinars, Case Studies, Whitepapers and other Email Marketing resources, including "33 Tips to Improve HTML Email Responses" from Pinpointe's Email Marketing Resource Center.

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Visit Pinpointe.com - A leading Email Marketing Vendor for business communications.

Email marketing is a new and upcoming trend in the email marketing world, although countless companies have utilized it for years - small businesses are often intimidated at the very thought of starting their own opt-in list. It seems daunting, it seems foreign and yet email marketing is probably one of the most cost effective online marketing practices currently offered.

For any business initially starting out, it is important to understand a few key points about email marketing if you want your company to build a successful following and database.

1) Keep Email Marketing in Plain Sight

The last thing your client wants to see is a pre-checked box, mandatory email submission or other sneaky looking tool that requires them to give out an email address - before ever looking at a single page. Although many companies swear by them, it's a sure fire way to have increased returned, blocked or unopened emails on your list - completely removing the target from your audience. The main goal with email marketing is to keep your clientele targeted on your specific services. Don't host a parenting website and offer them an animal filled newsletter or sales page - they probably won't like it.

2) In All Email Marketing Give Them Something Useful

The easiest way to get a potential client or customer to hand over their email, is offer something incredible for nothing. Think outside the box with an irresistible offer (think free eBook, report or incredible coupon.) Prompt the curiosity in them by wanting to see what that freebie really is, and get them to part with their least private information - their email.

3) Format Your Email Marketing for Success

Always make sure your bulk email materials are beneficial to both you and your users. Provide each user with an easy to read opt-out instruction (you don't want users on your list that don't want to be there anyway), clear purchasing instructions including anchor text and proper page slicing, include a thank you page and make every bit of your email count. Save the incredible imaging, sound effects and videos for your sales page, not your newsletter.

Keep your email marketing materials clean, coordinated color schemes and pleasant. Avoid high bounce rates by keeping your offer materials low-key. Keep your email subjects brief, personal and to the point without being sales oriented. Stop trying to sell the product before the email's ever opened - the easiest way to have an email deleted is with a spam-filled subject.

4) Keep Email Marketing Short and Simple

The easiest way to lose a sale is with highly technical jargon the average consumer isn't going to understand. Use simple text and terms to keep most of your readers engaged, while throwing in some technical (if needed) terminology to keep your more tech-savvy subscribers satisfied. Make sure your messages are only as long as they need to be, never drag out or fluff up an email -EVER.

5) Test Your Email Marketing

Always make sure to test your marketing materials on different browsers, and in different formats. Before blasting out your newsletter, send it to yourself and try opening it on different browsers. Check to make sure the compatibility for Mac and PC are both equal and make sure to always provide an HTML base or text only format depending on the audience base.

Following these 5 simple but effective email marketing steps, any business can have increased open rates, higher conversions and improved copies instantly.


Deandra is the owner of C3 Marketing an Online Marketing Company designed to help business owners increase their online presence using direct and viral marketing techniques. She has mastered the art of sales tactics, giving her clients an average conversion of 15% -- over 10% higher than the average copywriter.

Online marketing can help your business increase traffic, sales and conversions using direct and online marketing methods. Discover how much lost revenue your company is missing today!

While there are computer based solutions for email marketing, this has become somewhat impractical, because of the mobile culture we live in. Today most professionals work from notebook computers or other portable devices, creating the need for a web based solution. Web based email marketing software meets this requirement by allowing the business owner access to not only their email database, but also to the complete marketing platform. This means that the business owner can be actively creating, deploying and monitoring marketing campaigns even when away from the office.

When it comes to online email marketing services, there is a wide range of options available for businesses of all sizes. On the low end of the scale are free web based systems that offer basic functionality and limited list size. These systems will perform basic autoresponder and contact management functions; however, they will also generally place paid third party advertisements on any outgoing emails that you send. Most businesses that start with a free system eventually migrate to a paid platform for greater functional capability and to eliminate the third party advertising from their correspondence.

The primary solutions providers in this arena are paid services that offer complete email marketing software packages. Not only do these companies provide the basic functionalities of contact management and email autoresponders, but their services go far beyond these basic capabilities by providing features that will make the marketing a business does more effective and efficient.

The expanded capabilities offered by these web based providers begins with the customization features that are offered to their clients. The ability to customize the marketing pieces used by a company are crucial to developing a brand recognition with their prospects. These customizable features should include lead capture forms, lead capture pages and email templates to name a few.

The ability analyze the effectiveness of any marketing campaign is another critical feature found in the top level paid services. The data provided by the software provider should provide information as to which recipients are opening their emails, how many time those emails are viewed and what links the reader has clicked on within the email. Additionally, the software should give the business owner the capability of creating separate campaigns that target individuals on the email marketing list, based on their responsiveness to previous emails.


In recent years the influence of social media has been seen in the business world. It is critical that any piece of web based email marketing software include social media integration. For example many of the top level services offer the ability to send a tweet to Twitter and a post to Facebook anytime an email broadcast is sent out to the subscriber list. In addition, many of the current software vendors offer social media sharing capability within the actual email message itself. This allows the reader to easily share the content of that email with others in their social network. This sharing creates a viral component to any email correspondence being sent.

There are many great web based email marketing software providers. Take the time to evaluate the capabilities of each system to determine if it is a proper fit for the needs of your business.

Being equipped with the best web based email marketing begins with choosing a great email marketing provider. Mailigen offers online email marketing software for businesses both large and small to effectively evaluate their services.

Amy Shark

By admin, 2018-12-18
Amy Shark

Amy Louise Billings, AKA 'Amy Shark' is a singer and composer born in Queensland, Australia. She falls into the indie pop category and has been active since 2016 when her song "Golden Fleece" won the year’s pop song at the Queensland Music Awards. She started touring right away, and in the same year published the "Adore" single, along with a Silverchair cover "Miss You Love".

Amy Shark signed a contract with Sony Music Australia in November of 2016 after being a huge success on Triple J with her single "Adore" and in March of 2017 she published her second official single "Weekends" after her debut EP Night Thinker reached position number 2 on the ARIA charts. In the same year she won in both the 'Artist of the Year' and the 'Song of the Year' categories at the Gold Coast Music Awards. Amy was also named 'Next Apple Music Artist' by Apple Music.

During the year of 2018 Amy was invited to perform on 'The Late Show with James Corden' and 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' in which she sang "Adore", and was also invited to participate on Love, Simon an original movie soundtrack, with a song called "Sink in". On April 11th, her single "I Said Hi" was premiered through Triple J, then the following day, it was released. Come July 13th, Shark would release her first full-length album Love Monster under the Sony Music Entertainment label, which features her smash hit singles "Adore" and "All Loved Up".

Amy Shark has several scheduled tour dates for 2019, starting in the UK, then Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, and finally her homeland Australia.

You can stay up-to-date on what Amy's doing and more by checking out her official website and liking or following her social accounts.

Amy Shark website
Amy Shark Facebook
Amy Shark Twitter
Amy Shark Instagram

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An email marketing company plays a major role in ensuring that you attract the attention of as many customers as possible and you increase traffic to your website. Note that email marketing is considered to be among the most efficient marketing strategies. In addition to that, it costs much less than other forms of marketing. However, you may find that your email marketing is not as efficient as you would like because your strategies are not working. Below are some methods that can help you implement an effective strategy.

Get an email market provider

Getting the ideal email marketing provider is very important. The provider will assist you in the management and sending of emails. There are several available services that you can rely on, and they will help you get rid of bouncing emails that fail to reach the recipient due to invalid addresses.

Build an email address list

Another effective strategy is building an opt-in form, which collects customer's emails and prospects. You will simplify the work of your smtp marketing providers as they use the form builder if you add your email details and messages. The service providers will build a code that you can embed on your website. Remember that it is important to give those subscribing to your emails valuable gifts that act as tokens for letting you have their email addresses and names. In addition to that, it is necessary to add the opt-in form in all pages of your website.

Create a newsletter

When it comes to designing email campaigns, you can decide to come out of the ordinary. You can send your campaign messages in newsletter form. This is an effective email campaign strategy and your email marketing providers will help you with it. You just need to make the newsletter as interesting as possible. You can include your business headers and logos to help the subscribers recognize you easily. You can also add your discounts, offers and probably the links you would like your customers to click.

Send emails and get them opened.

Nowadays people are very busy and they receive many emails that they do not have time to open. Most likely, they will start by sending unfamiliar emails to the trash. It is therefore advisable to make yourself known to your subscribers. You should also make sure that the message is valuable and interesting since recipients will not waste their time reading a boring message.

Test and evaluate

Evaluating and testing is another important strategy. Note that, in email campaigns the number of emails opened varies according to the nature of recipients, size of list and time of sending among others. It is therefore necessary to evaluate and test. For instance, it is not wise to send important email campaigns during holidays because the probability of having them opened is very low. It is also important to evaluate interested subscribers and new subscribers.

Include social sharing


Another effective email marketing strategy is to build up social network pages for your business such as Twitter and Facebook since it will help you reach more prospects. You can do this by including them in your newsletters and encourage your customers to join you in those forums. In addition to that, make an effort of ascertaining your customers' preferences. It is important to ask your subscribers if they prefer your email and newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis.


Using the right email marketing strategy goes a long way in making you a successful email marketer. This can translate to more sales and profits for your business. Any given strategy will enhance your email marketing and enable to you to achieve a good return on your investment.

Todd Martin owns and operates a local marketing firm. As well as blogging, he works weekly in ministries to the underprivileged, active hiker, biker and racquetball player to mention a few items.

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