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"I Have Met / I Have Seen "
"Hey i am big fan of Drake and it was my dream to watch drake which has come true Drake is the best performer I’ve seen. I’ve seen Kendrick, Migos,... "
"Pop "
"To be honest, I can't tell which one of them is singing which parts, their voices are so similar! "
"Now Playing "
"@johnbelly Back when I was an innocent 12yo and just thought this was a cool alien song. Good times good times. "
"Upcoming Tours "
"Lot more shows than I was expecting. And they’ll probably announce a few more at a later date. "
"R&B & Soul "
" @mason Have you heard Absence by dalek? "
"R&B & Soul "
" @mason Musically it's a no-brainer to love, but lyrically I love how she uses time travel as a way to express the stagnant nature of racism (and... "
"R&B & Soul "
"Moor Mother has been self-releasing albums since 2012, but came into full force with her first full length from Don Giovanni records, Fetish Bones.... "
"Reggae "
"I thought jocko was the guy who invented rap. Quest love is a liar. And hey, did you know? That Blondie girl appeared in some pere ubu video. "
"Soundtrack "
"Such gorgeous, winding-down music. Good album too. "
"Anime "
"This songs ..sound familiar " Protection Status