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Piano discussion.

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My father plays the Piano and my parents tried to get me into it when I was younger, and of coarse being a youngster that knew everything I didn't bother.
But like most things, when you grow up you see things differently and now I wish I had learnt.
Still time I Guess, and who would people say has bought the piano into the pop world the best in the last decade(ish)
Stevie Wonder, Freddie Mercury, or even the newly found Tokio Myres
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The piano can indeed be a great instrument in the correct hands, I would love to be able to play the drums, but I fear this is a dying instrument as many are due to the complex and intuitive software now available for laying down beats etc via the click of a button.
last year
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I can say learning some piano is very important, even if you play other instrument. You can learn scales faster, understand chords, you can do it in guitar too I know, but doing the same in piano its quicker and you can extraplate to other instruments later. In guitar bu its nature, in some chords you have to skip a note, in piano you can use the full chord, and is easier to understand extended chords, seventh chords, altered chords because you can spot the octaves at first sight always.

And if you sing is really helpful, you can train you voice with piano easier than with guitar.



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