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2 years ago
41 posts
Drum discussion.

Admin (@admin)
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2 years ago
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I have just posted on the Piano section about the affects of the computer on instruments and especially the drum.
Do you all think that in 10 years time or even sooner than that, that drummers will still be around ?
I fear with all the electronic ways now to create and make songs and everything that goes with it that the instrument and the drum in particular is going to fade out

Your Thoughts
2 years ago
25 posts
I get what you are saying, but I think there will always be a place for instruments.
What you are saying although I see the logic would also dictate that one day there will be no live performances other than the singer on stage all by them self as everything else would be computer generated.
i dont think the music industry would let that happen.

2 years ago
20 posts
Its true, software drums today sound real because they record real drums, same with other instruments.
But people still want to listen life music, that the reason of concerts and festival, so a drummer and other instrumentist is always welcome.
Also software still cant emulate guitar, even with the real sounds effects, sounds obviously fake.
3 vex
3 vex
8 months ago
4 posts
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Shane Dunk
Shane Dunk
7 months ago
26 posts
I noticed subtleties in the drums and groove that the everyday listener might not consciously notice or care about.



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