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The interaction between artists and K-pop fans depends on apps like Weverse – Blackpink's new home.

4 months ago
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K-pop girl group Blackpink has joined social media platform Weverse, becoming the latest celebrity performer to join the app produced by Hybe, best known as the management company behind BTS as a movement. The latest of K-pop groups to join different platforms for fan and artist communication.

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Weverse, launched in 2019, is one of the three most popular platforms in South Korea, along with Lysn and Universe, where K-pop stars and non-Korean celebrities use it to communicate with their fans. Each company has a different management company: Lysn's "DearU Bubble" feature, also known as "Bubble", was popularized

by SM Entertainment's actions. and is still used by other management companies On this platform, fans can "chat" with artists just like in the Messenger app. Fans have to pay for access to their favorite stars' Bubble content. Instead, they are billed separately for each artist's content they subscribe to.
meanwhile The newest app Universe was launched

this year by gaming company NCSoft and is backed by management company CJ ENM. It incorporates AI elements and allows artists to share a wide variety of content with their fans, including music and videos. There are different "planets" for artists and other content such as star-curated radio shows.



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