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Wildfires rage in Turkish resort town Tourists, villagers fleeing

4 months ago
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wildfires in two tourist provinces of Turkey on the fifth day, residents and tourists in many villages have to evacuate. Because the fire spread quickly because of strong winds and hot weather. Eight people have died.
Wildfires in two tourist provinces of Turkey have passed on the fifth day, with residents and tourists in several villages forced to evacuate. Because the fire spread quickly because of strong winds and hot weather. Eight people have been killed,
several homes in the town of Masikoy in Mula province. damaged by fire Villagers had to evacuate Residents of the nearby village of Cokertme had toevacuate as the bushfires grew closer and closer. before fires engulfed the area on Sunday night. while a local reporter stated that 2 thermal power plants not far awayalso at risk of being hit by forest fires.
authoritiesTurkeyTurkishisalso announced to tourists and residents of Turunj, part of the resort town of Marmaris in the Mula province. evacuate the area Because the fire spread quickly because of strong winds and hot air. until firefighters perform difficult tasks They had to use helicopters to help put out firefighting in areas that were inaccessible from the groundfire.
. Turkey's Health Minister Fahrettin Koka said at least 27 people were affected by theforest fire still need to be hospitalized while hundreds of others have been discharged from the hospital.
Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bakir Pakdemirli said 117 wildfires across the country had been hit. Now under control, there are still 8 uncontrollable spots left. He also rejected allegations that the government did not provide enough medical air support, saying the state had sent four planes, 17 helicopters, 93 fire engines and nearly 1,500 firefighters to fight the fires in Mula province. Another 12 ships with helicopters and planes were pitted manywildfiresnationwide
phenomenon conductsheat wave.are causing severe wildfires across Europe. But there are rumors in Turkey that Some forest fires may be caused by humans. which the Turkish authorities confirmed They are investigating whether there was an arson attack by Kurdish militants. The experts believe that Most of Turkey's wildfires are caused byglobal warmingand man-made accidents. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a wildfire started with children playing.
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Alexendar hales
Alexendar hales
4 months ago
13 posts
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