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Instagram launches new security settings for teens

4 months ago
48 posts
Instagram is introducing a new security setting for younger users: Make new accounts private by SLOTXO default for under 16, blocking some adults from interacting with teens on the platform. and limit how advertisers can target teenagers.
The change comes as Facebook's photo-sharing app comes under pressure from lawmakers. Regulators, parents and child safety advocates Concerned about

the impact of social media on security privacy and mental health of children Karina Newton, Instagram's head of public policy, told NPR that "there is no magic switch that keeps people savvy on the internet.

It provides an "age-appropriate experience" and allows younger users to explore social networks.We want the youth to be safe. We want to give them a good experience. And we want to help teach them. as they use our platform to develop good and quality habits when they use the internet, apps and social media.

Like other apps, Instagram bans children under 13 from its platform in order to comply with federal privacy laws. But critics say the law has exposed older teens. Some members of Congress have called for the extension of privacy protections for children until age 15.
Alexendar hales
Alexendar hales
4 months ago
13 posts
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