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How to market your music on Social Media?

user image 2019-03-02
By: admin
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How to market your music on Social Media?

If you’re looking to promote your newly created music, then Social Media is one of the best avenues for that. It brings you a lot of exposure and the best part is that you do have lots of control over the promotional process to begin with. That being said, you do need a plan if you want to do it right, so here are some of the steps that will bring you Social Media music promotion success.

Come up with a good promotional strategy

First, you want to create a singer or band social page on the most important social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. It’s important to have the same images across all social media platforms for consistency. Ideally you want to use the Facebook cover videos as a way to showcase your music. We recommend you to pay a lot of attention to detail in regards to location, clothing and every other piece of detail in your images. Working with a professional photographer is recommended. Also, try to post as often as you can, without overloading people with the same old pictures or music again and again.

Create good content for your audience

When you promote your music on Social Media, the last thing you want is to just share a link to a YouTube video and call it a day. You want to create content that promotes and also introduces the video or music piece you are sharing. The options here are to document the user, educate him or entertain him. What option you want to choose, that’s totally up to you. But it can offer you great success if you pay attention to what people want from you.

Should you just use video content?

Ideally you want to have a combination of introductory text, video and some images too. The huge combination of different content types will make your content more appealing and engaging. While using only videos seems like a great idea, it also feels lazy for people, because you just share a link and that’s it. You want to be unique, so interact with your audience, create good content and ask them for feedback via the comment system.

Collaborate with others or do cover songs

Promoting yourself is never easy, especially with so much music content out there. So the best thing that you can do is to opt for cover songs. They tend to get a lot of exposure, and you need to check them out. Collaborating with other people is also coming in handy, because you get exposure to their audience as well.

Using influencers is also a good idea to promote your music, not to mention you can use SEO and Social Media advertising systems to pay for exposure too. The possibilities are great here, you just have to figure out how to market your music adequately and with great results. Even if the first campaign might be a bit rocky, learn from mistakes and ensure that you always promote your music on Social Media. There are millions of potential listeners on these sites, so using them is great if you want to get more exposure for your music!


อภิวัฒน์ ไทรงาม
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08/06/19 10:18:09PM @johnohseo:
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04/14/19 10:55:15PM @kambas:
Social Media can be a very powerful way to market your music because of how fast you can reach a target audience. If you know your music is very good and of high recording quality then you can pay Facebook for advertising to get fast results. If your content is liked people will share it.

Keep things simple, professional and to the point but also engage with your target audience to get feedback on what is currently working and what you can improve.


Ornella Acerbi
04/07/19 10:39:12AM @ornella-acerbi:
Is it worth hiring a community manager? Because I'm not very good at consistently uploading content to social media platforms haha. But I'll have to see if it fits my budget or not.

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