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Bishop Briggs

user image 2017-08-05
By: admin
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Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs, or Sarah McLaughlin, was born in London to parents from Bishopbriggs, Scotland, the giveaway for Bishop’s professional name. Bishop Moved to Tokyo at a young age and began developing her musical influences and desires. She began writing her own songs at the young age of seven, and soon later moved to Hong Kong until she was 18. After graduating from H.K. International school, Bishop soon took the jump and moved to L.A. where she remains to be based in to this day.

In 2016 Bishop Briggs released the music video for her biggest song to date, “River”, a vintage cinematic piece for an anthem of a song, now sitting at a whopping 11m views. In June of 2017, Bishop dropped the video for the breakthrough song on her self-titled debut EP, “The Way I Do”, which is similarly amusing for another party of a track, soon surpassing 2m views and rapidly continuing to rise.

Briggs was first noticed at a 2015 performance when she was just starting and trying to play any possible venue, no matter the crowd size. Bishop Briggs would go on to record “Wild Horses”, which featured in an Acura commercial. Come January 2016 Bishop Biggs released the single “River” which was another commercial and overall success. Bishop would perform “River” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the Fall of that same year Bishop opened for Coldplay on several of their tour dates. Come April 2017, Bishop Briggs released her debut project, a self-titled EP that would include her previous hits “River” and “Wild Horses”. Bishop Briggs followed this up with a big tour across the U.S. and Canada, so definitely find her when she’s near you!



09/20/17 04:43:05PM @jimmy-john:
You talk about young and been so talented, Bishop Briggs has it all.
The first time I saw her video "Rivers", i was completely thrilled and really amazed at such her unique and great music style.
I wasn't surprised at all with what I saw again in "The way I do".
This young talent is just wonderful.

08/06/17 11:27:07PM @mitchell:
I think Bishop Briggs is gonna be a great artiste. Really don't know much about her music but I had some friend discussing about her music recently, I downloaded and listen to it and was great. I'm looking to connect with her to get a feel of her style.
08/06/17 08:19:46PM @joanne-c:
I have this feeling that Bishop Briggs is gonna be big pretty soon. I like "River" and "Wild horses" a lot. She's so easy to listen to. This article is how I first found out about her and I'm happy I did because she's rather special. I like how she has formed her own unique style from a young age and that really shows in her sound and videos.

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