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Tony Sparano, a former NFL head coach and now Vikings assistant, dies

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NFL player: Voting is your right and politics is your business
The fact is: Athletes are role models, whether they play for a professional team, in college or in high school. Many of us see that as an opportunity to give back to our community and serve as a voice for the voiceless.At the same time, we need to empower people to use the voice they already have. Every eligible American has a right to make their voice heard through the voting process. Spreading that message is something we all, as citizens, can Margus Hunt White Elite Jersey
claim as our area of expertise.I grew up in a family of little means in Oakland, California. I know that many people living in inner cities with lower incomes don’t believe their vote makes a difference and often are forced to be more concerned about putting food on the table than participating in an election.More: School discipline is racist enough for black students like me. Arming teachers will make it worse.Voting is a fundamental American right, so why do some of us still not have it?Black men, where were you when Jasper Williams insulted black women and Aretha Franklin?The facts unfortunately support that notion. The Census Bureau reported that just 54 percent of those who earned less than $50,000 per year voted in the 2016 election. More than 80 percent Nike TY Hilton Jersey On Sale
of people who earned at least $150,000 voted in the same election. Only 70 percent of all voting-age citizens were even registered in the 2016 election, and just 61 percent actually voted overall.Voting matters. Turning out to vote is the way we make politicians care about the issues we care Nike Frank Gore Jersey On Sale
about, and it can impact the quality of our health care, education and criminal justice system.Regardless of political party, voters need to know how a candidate’s agenda would affect families and communities. Whether it’s voting for our representatives in Washington, D.C., or a local neighborhood commission, the way our government works and whom it best serves is determined by who shows up to be counted.As athletes, as public figures and as fellow Americans, we can help those who haven’t taken the first step by encouraging them to learn more about our government and providing opportunities to register to vote.Last month, I hosted a community event through my ACES Foundation in Buffalo, New York, that offered STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) labs for middle- and high-school students, a health and wellness expo with free screenings for them and their families, and voter registration through the nonpartisan RISE to Vote campaign of the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE). Many of my Bills teammates came out to support the cause and the community.Providing kids with more educational opportunities and access to quality health care is essential. But adding a voter registration element to the event was our way of reminding families that all of these things are connected.Elections are about more than picking winners and losers and affect more than just one issue. They are about how our government determines not only its moral values but also its fiscal values, and decide to what Nike Malik Hooker Jersey On Sale
extent our country lives up to its core principles of equality and justice for all.As athletes, we’ve been at the forefront of advocating for causes that are most important to our communities. But we can’t Nike Marlon Mack Jersey On Sale
do it alone. RISE to Vote came and registered Bills players in May who weren’t already registered, and as leaders in our community, we are helping our fans in Buffalo do the same. Empowering citizens to take part in our democracy and encouraging them to be civically engaged ensures that our government truly will work for the people.It’s never too late to get involved.[I]Lorenzo Alexander is a 14-year NFL veteran and two-time Pro-Bowler who is in his third season with the Buffalo Bills.[/I]Colin Jeter Jersey
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11/05/18 01:43:12AM @zhengpeng8899:
NFL:Beto O'Rourke为球员辩护,但不应该需要政治家
近两年来,NFL球员在被要求解释为什么他们在国歌期间膝盖或举起拳头时都说了同样的话。他们可能使用了不同于O'Rourke的单词,但消息是[b] [b] [url = https://www.antoniobrownfanjersey.com/cheap-alejandro-villanueva-jersey-sale-1_2] Alejandro Villanueva Jersey Cheap [/ URL] [/ b]
同样的:抗议活动不是关于国歌,国旗,军队或任何其他旨在贬低他们的烟幕。它们涉及我国司法和经济体系中的系统性种族主义,以及它对有色人种,特别是年轻黑人的破坏性 - 有时是致命的后果。“这个问题虽然严重,但并不能解决“在德克萨斯州参加美国参议院竞选的奥罗克在8月10日的一次视频片段中表示,该视频片段于周二播出。“坦率地说,他们对像我这样的人以及那些处于公众信任和权力地位的人们感到沮丧,他们无法解决这个问题或为已经采取的行动伸张正义,并阻止它在这个国家继续发生。” strong style =“margin-right:3px;”>更多:如何CBS,Fox和NBC计划在2018年NFL广播期间处理国歌更多:NFL不会改变头盔命中规则或允许使用即时重播“非暴力,和平地,虽然这个国家的目光正在观看这些比赛,但是他们会抓住我们的注意力并将注意力集中在这个问题上,以确保我们能够解决这个问题。“不过,出于某种原因,这个消息看起来更加可口。白人政治家与鲍比肯尼迪有点相似,而不是来自大而强大的黑人男人。这就是问题所在。奥罗克,克里斯朗和本周,亚伦罗杰斯来到这里是很好的辩护抗议的球员。我希望更多的白人球员和政客能说出来。但这也不是必要的。埃里克·里德,马尔科姆·詹金斯,
认真从事他们为解决这些问题所做的工作。他们已经帮助在宾夕法尼亚州和马萨诸塞州改变了法律,他们继续教育选民关于地区律师和他们拥有的权力。两年后,有些人仍然顽固地不知道为什么球员们抗议并且没有注意到他们正在做的工作。尽管抗议是我们国家基础的基石,但仍然被大量同胞视为不爱国,不尊重或最坏的非美国人。你认为波士顿茶党是一个[b] [url] = https://www.antoniobrownfanjersey.com/cheap-ryan-shazier-jersey-sale-1_109] Ryan Shazier Jersey [/ url] [/ b]
实际派对?有些[b] [url = https://www.antoniobrownfanjersey.com/cheap-juju-smith-schuster-jersey-sale-1_66] Nike JuJu Smith-Schuster泽西特卖[/ url] [/ b]
这归功于唐纳德特朗普总统,他从未错过机会对黑人和棕色人民产生恐惧和仇恨。但这也是一个令人不安的现实,许多白人会忽视对少数民族的抱怨和恐惧,直到他们被白人发出声音。也许这是无意识的偏见。也许它无法识别和理解与我们不同的现实。也许是种族主义和歧视不再存在的天真的愿望。无论是什么原因,这都是错误的。当任何美国人的声音在我们国家不信任和失望时,它应该让我们都停下来。“我能想到的不仅仅是美国人而不是和平地站起来或为你的权利而屈服,”奥罗克说,“随时随地,任何地方。“回到六月,厌倦了再次被要求解释和捍卫抗议活动,詹金斯拿着一张提示牌,上面写着:“你不是在听。”他上周四穿着一件同样口号的T恤,当时他在费城老鹰队打新英格兰爱国者队之前参加了热身赛.He's对。我希望[b] [url = https://www.antoniobrownfanjersey.com/cheap-ryan-shazier-jersey-sale-1_109]出售[/ url] [/ b]
奥罗克的演讲引起了更多人的共鸣,我怀疑它会。但是这个消息仍然是相同的,无论是来自白人参议院候选人还是来自黑人NFL球员。*** [I]关注今日美国体育专栏作家Nancy Armor在Twitter @nrarmour。[/ I] [b] [url = https://www.antoniobrownfanjersey.com/cheap-keion-adams-jersey-sale-1_70] Keion Adams Jersey [/ url] [/ b]
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