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Everyone on the team has confidence in Bill

By: xingwang
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Wizards today lost to the Pacers 95-98 at home, after the game team defender Jodie Meeks interviewed by reporters, talked about their own views on the game.

When it comes to  NBA MT Coins Bradley-Bill's performance at the last minute, Meeks said: "Everyone in the team was confident of him at the very end of the game."

Speaking of his performance (1 in 6, 3 in 1), Meeks said: "I should do better. I should pit those balls for Bill, and if I had more thirds If you make a few, victory belongs to us. "

At the last minute of the game, Bill did not hit a throw and a three-pointer attempting to tie the game.

Bill played 42 minutes in this game scored 22 points and 3 rebounds and 11 assists and 3 steals 1 block, Meeks scored 7 points and 25 rebounds.


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