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Hoddle also expressed his opinion about the long-term prospects

By: xingwang
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"The only thing I'm worried about right now is that Kane was down in such a busy season, which will certainly affect his performance at this year's World Cup." Kane performed equally well in the 2015/16 season, but England So downcast, because the Tottenham hot shooter was exhausted by the time of the European Cup in 2016. In fact, even a star player like Messi would not be able to FIFA Coins continue playing in the World Cup after an arduous season , Intercontinental competition to play a high standard.So, I sincerely hope that Kane can get some rest time in the second half of the season, although Tottenham need him, but this is very necessary.

Hoddle also expressed his opinion about the long-term prospects for Tottenham. He wrote: "I know very well that many Spurs fans firmly believe that getting a Champions League ticket is more important than winning a FA Cup title Much more, in my opinion, if you're just looking at money, it's true, but players in 20-30 years ago would never think so. Do not believe? Visit your favorite club and watch the wall hanging What are the photos?


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