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In addition to Latium Moore

By: xingwang
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This award, as the name suggests, is awarded to the rookie defensive player. The ownership of this award is not very suspense for now, the New Orleans saint's cornerback Marshawn - Latimomo is undoubtedly the first popular candidate. Saints defense this season from the team short board suddenly transformed into thighs, can not do without the excellent performance of Latif Moore defensive second line, his 5 interceptions and 18 interception pass ranked the league , As well as one off the ball and one to Madden Coins pick up the ball, but also the only defensive rookie to be selected into the professional bowl this season.

In addition to Latium Moore, there are several rookie also played a brilliant performance, Buffalo Bill's cornerback Treviers - White in the data and Lattimore is almost the same (5 times interception 18 interrupts Passing the ball, picking up the ball 2 times and picking up the ball), but he played three more games than Latimore, so the gold content of the data had to be somewhat lower. Cincinnati Tigers defensive end Carl - Lawson has played as a substitute throughout the season, still got eight sacks. In addition, Pittsburgh Steelers TJ-Watt and Cleveland Browns draft pick Myers - Garrett also got seven sacks, if not Garrett missed five games, the prize should have been him The bag thing.


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