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In the 2017 season draft

By: xingwang
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The middle of the season, the chief performance of the doldrums in the stage, many fans have asked the coaching staff to replace the use of Ma Holmes to Madden Coins replace Smith, in order to change the team's decline. When Reed decentralized his offensive plan to the offensive team coordinator Matt Najib, Smith regained the ability to reach a far-reaching offensive, reducing the chances for the fans to change their teammates and leading the team in team history For the second consecutive year won the division champion.

In the 2017 season draft, the chiefs returned to the star quarterback with the first round of the season, the third round, and the first draft of the 2018 season. Ma Homs in college showed a very strong arm talent, athleticism, mobility inside and outside the pocket and the will to pass the ball.

Although the last round of competition will not affect the appearance of chiefs and Mustangs, Mahomus's appearance brought new attention to the game, which will be the first time a chief fan has the chance to see their future leaders Performance in official competitions.


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