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A Disturber Of The Peace

A promo video of one of the songs from our Act Of Faith CD. A country song... I don't want to be a disturber of the peace I don't want to be anywhere I'm not ...


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The Vegas Nerves
About The Vegas Nerves

The Vegas Nerves are a four-piece Indie band playing their original music around the less salubrious parts of Sydney NSW. Their songs tell of the alchemy of the everyday and the voodoo within the daily grind. Infusing wit and melody they are not merely saying the first words that come to mind but are attempting to settle scores and look for a few answers in a world that makes less sense as each day passes.

Boasting the Latin beats of Alejo, the rhythmic bass of Cameron, the steadfast guitar of Jürgen and the solid words and voice of Stephen, their work has been compared to a consultation from a psychiatrist who may be madder than you are.

They have recently been in the studio and are enjoying playing their songs around town to appreciative listeners. Some people think telling the truth is pessimism. Some people know that only honesty can really set you free. Just don't tell them that they shine like diamonds.

The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, R.E.M., Kate Bush, Johnny Marr, DMAs, Screaming Blue Messiahs

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