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Thank You @Kambas and you are exactly correct. Thank You for all of your love and support
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4 days ago
Thank You @ornella-acerbi I added each one of RIDICULAS TRIXX songs in the poem example: Into the Storm, Getcha Some etc and I just may do that - Thank You again for all of your love and support .


Saturday May 25 2019, 6:47 AM • 6373 E 31st next to subway, directly behind QT., Tulsa,...
Bad Ass Renee's6373 E 31st (next to subway, directly behind QT).Tulsa, OKMay 25th9 pm - 2 amJason Ford (Skytown)RIDICULAS TRIXX Justin Howl$5 cover...
This week's American Ladies Metal Brunch, Saturday, April, 6th on Dark-Metal-Radio, 9h CET / 3am EST with these bands::
MongrelBand, Eynomia, Bona Lisa, Center Lane Band, Missy Meerkats, RIDICULAS TRIXX, Beyond Forgiveness, BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY, Indiscipline, Melyra, Valiria, Pergana, Märchenbilder, YOU SAY PARTY, Unleash The Archers, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS, Heart, Evereal, Sepsiss, Flight of Fire, Realm Of Glass, Leeja Stark Band, Anaria, Shadowside and HESS HeavyMetal.
Please tune in here:

We are still looking for more female fronted bands from all around America, special South-America. Please feel free to contact us if you want to get airplay
2019 Josie Music Awards
please vote:
Best rock song- Surrender
Best pop song- Surrender
Best Duo/Group of the Year
Vocalist of the Year - Ronneca Lynn
Rising Star

make sure to click Age Category: Adult 18+
and our link is : www.facebook.com/ridiculastrixx
Come listen to RIDICULAS TRIXX on the LDM Radio and go to www.ldmradio.com for more information and to VOTE for RIDICULAS TRIXX for the 2020 LDM Music Awards-- at LDM Network Studio (click on vote then on the 4th Annual click here button)
FAN Submission- please go to either of these links below and submit your vote for RIDICULAS TRIXX



RIDICULAS TRIXX is up for Nomination for Song of the Year - "SURRENDER" (pop/rock/classic rock categories)

RIDICULAS TRIXX is up for nominations in the following categories for each Genre we are nominated in:

Rock (soft, classic, or metal)
Duo/ Group of The Year
Vocalist of The Year (Ronneca Lynn)
Artist of the Year
Female Artist of the Year (Ronneca Lynn)
Rising Star of the Year

Age Category: Adult Categories 18+

Website link for who you are submitting (if you know it) is :

If suggesting a song, album, or video please list title

Our management company is up for nomination again this year for Management company of the year and Promoter of The Year, so please vote for Salter Gann Universal Promotions & Management LLC for both categories!!!!

RRAAWWKKIN Booking - Promotion Company of the Year
so please vote in this category.

Website link for who you are submitting (if you know it) is

Salter Gann Universal Promotions & Management LLC
Dear Ridiculas Trixx

We have found your song "Surrender" to merit an award as one of our:

TOP FINALISTS in this quarter's competition.
Great job!

Congratulations on making it to our final selection! You deserve it! May you continue to impress us with your works!


Amee Warren
Robert Stoddard
Janice Miller
William Todd Hammill

Salter Gann Universal Promotions & Management LLC
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Salter Gann Universal Promotions & Management LLC
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