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Needless Cane

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07/11/18 02:06:00AM
By: admin Posted in: latest
Needless Cane

"From the darkest depths of underground music there was a newborn monster named Omega, which heart stopped at some point, nobody knows when exactly, why or how, but the monster was left for dead. Within its last breath, the monster cast a spell into the night giving life to another creature, this new creature had all the monster’s memories and conscience, but it had nor shape or figure, he decided he would not let himself die again so he took several forms until he could find the one that was the better fit for him, but in order to not forget his promise to himself, he took some parts from the body of the diseased monster and named himself in a way that he would make sure he would stay as with a low profile while getting bigger and stronger, he swore that name wouldn’t also be forgotten by no one once they hear it. He growled into the night and that’s how his path started."

Hello there readers! We hope you liked this introduction for this industrial goth band project ‘Needless Cane’ we made since there’s not a full biography in their official sites. We know it all started in Wellington, New Zealand with former Needless project named Omega in which he was the frontman he reunited with the also Omega’s former member Ruby in 2012, they both reached out with Emlyn James a.k.a ‘The Grem’ (Omega’s former drummer) and then the formation was completed with guitarist ‘Morgandrogyny’.

They managed to record an EP named “The sun did not shine” which led them to some tours around their country. Thanks to the exposure and the attention they got things got a lot more serious and they decided to hit the studio and record their first full-length album ‘Sick World’. The album was released on November 17th of 2017.

The album counts on 9 tracks, filled with darkness and stories you will want to hear in case you’re not the Disney story kind of child. Their sound resembles in some way like Marylin Manson and Tiamat. The credit for all lyrics goes to Needless Cane himself, the music, mix and mastering comes from the hand of Jeremy Garner.

Go watch their latest video ‘Am I Pretty, Yet’ HERE

We also would like to congratulate Needless Cane for being this month’s featured artist! Don’t miss anything from this project and make sure to visit and stay tunes with all their social media for news, upcoming shows and further releases.

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07/17/18 12:10:27PM @nsuauce:
Wow! Great article. Are they on Spotify? I really loved what I heard on YouTube. This is some good stuff. A lot of talent there.
07/17/18 09:25:31AM @naromancles:
Found these guys through YouTube and can’t stop listening. I hear a lot of inspiration but they also bring their own thing. Congrats on featured artist. Looking forward to going through their album.
07/16/18 10:43:01AM @mikerickard2:
When asked what kind of music he liked, Duke Ellington replied, "Good music." Whether or not that's anecdotal, it's always been my approach to music. I like music from all genres and am always excited to discover new bands that grab my ears. "Am I Pretty, Yet?" by Needless Cane is a song I haven't felt this excited about in a long time. This introduction was good too and added atmosphere to the band's history and development.
Amanda Read
07/16/18 10:32:20AM @amanda-read:
Great article. Needless Cane deserves it.
07/16/18 08:37:03AM @craig:
Wow! if you like dark Goth music you should check out this group. I've listened several times through "Sick World" and each time it gets better. I put in on my Spotify playlist to listen to on my road trip tomorrow. I'm looking forward to more from these guys for sure!
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