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Shannon Noll

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12/13/17 02:52:00PM
By: admin Posted in: News
Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll, Australian singer and songwriter, born on September 16, 1975 in Orange, New South Wales, son of farmers and the youngest of three brothers, during his childhood he dedicated himself to the task of farmer with his family, at the same time he harvested his artistic talent during his school years participating in plays and school productions.

Noll achieved great notoriety by participating in the first season of the reality show 'Australian Idol' in 2003, leaving second-place and also achieving a record deal with BMG Australia for 5 albums.

His debut album 'That's what I'm talking about' was released the following year of the Australian Idol contest, managing to sell more than 130,000 copies in its first week and staying for 14 consecutive weeks in the top 10, achieved a certification of 5x platinum. This is one of his most successful singles 'What about me', a cover of Moving Picture, which was certified as 4x Gold in Australia by selling more than 280,000 copies.

His record works consist of 4 discs published: that's what I'm talking about (2004), lift (2005), turn it up (2007), a million suns (2010). After a break of 7 years Noll announces his return to music with the new single 'Who I am' which is followed by 'Southern Sky' both serving as promotional to what would be his new album called 'Unbroken' which is expected to be released at the beginning of 2018, generating great expectations about Noll’s big music comeback.

The album will be released under the label Warner Music Australia and will be followed by a national tour to promote it. The album promises to follow the pop-rock line that has characterized the singer’s sound since the beginning of his career, staying true to his roots and keeping the same essence as always.

Make sure you visit Shannon Noll's official media for more information, launches, performances dates and more:

Shannon Noll website
Shannon Noll Facebook

01/17/18 05:07:20AM @cheska:
What's nice to highlight as well here is that Shannon's family chose to support his career even though their family background was leaning into the farming business, I know lots of people who are forced to work careers they aren't happy in. Glad to know the success of Shannon, he's come so far, and am so excited to check out the new things he has yet to put out!
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