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Human Nature

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12/09/17 03:46:00PM
By: admin Posted in: News
Human Nature

Human nature was born with Toby Allen’s project in 1989, previously known as '4 Trax', a boy-band formed by 4 schoolmates to represent their institution in a regional contest. Phil Burton, and the brothers Andrew and Mike Tierney along with Toby Allen are the members of the acapella group. After graduating and taking separate paths, they decide to meet a couple of years later to perform at clubs and sing professionally, this is when they got a record deal under the SONY label.

The name of the group became 'Human nature' once they feel that 4 Trax no longer fit them, their new name gives them a sense of identity since they sing acapella and according to one of the members the name also has a philosophical representation, arguing that for them, singing is something that is within their nature.
Their albums have achieved great commercial success and very good performance within the charts receiving multiplatinum certifications in Australia, their discography counts with no less than 12 studio albums and two compilations, 18 singles and a box set that was released to promote their debut in the United States in 2008.

Their most recent activities took place between 2014 and 2016 when they released 'Jukebox' an album that portrays the musical style and concept of the 50's and 60’s decade, the album had arrangements made for some covers of various groups to which previously the group had done tribute as 'The penguins' in this album they take a glance into their beginnings and project it from a much more mature perspective achieving a fresh proposal but equally elaborated in an very intelligent way. 'Gimme Some Lovin': Jukebox Vol II 'is the sequent album to Jukebox, published in 2016, where they break the mold of making only covers, it also has a special edition for the tour that was made that same year, it contains a DVD which covers the complete trajectory of the group.

Currently, Human Nature are touring internationally around the United States with a big agenda for the year 2018 in which they’re still promoting their ‘Jukebox’ album alongside ‘Jukebox II’ repertoire.

If you are local, be sure to check out Human Nature on the 16th of December for a very special Christmas day on the green when they will be bringing their critically acclaimed live spectacular show to the Yarra Valley for their one and only Australian concert! You can book tickets here Ticketmaster.

For more Human Nature goodness, visit the official website or their social media pages.

12/09/17 10:01:21PM @nayemhasan37:
Great!!!! Phil Burton and the brothers Andrew and Mike Tierney along with Toby Allen are very much professional musicians. We love their all of the music.
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