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Missy Higgins

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11/21/17 06:32:00PM
By: admin Posted in: News
Missy Higgins

Melbourne raised singer/songwriter Missy Higgins has released three number one albums between 2004 and 2012 and has been making a return to music, releasing new singles and playing select dates across Australia. Missy is an advocate for human, animal, and environmental rights and has made numerous efforts to support select causes, ranging from anti-fur to carbon control campaigns.

Missy has made her tours carbon neutral, a significant move that would be great for more artists to actively pursue. With a history of live shows behind her, Missy Higgins will be returning to the stage for two shows over two nights in Glenelg and then Melbourne. First, Missy will perform under headliners John Butler Trio at the SummerSalt day-fest on November 18th and again the next day November 19th in Melbourne.

Between The Sound of White, On a Clear Night, and The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle, Missy Higgins has been nominated for five ARIA awards and at this point in her career has sold over one million album units. Missy Higgins has released two singles since 2016, first being “Oh Canada”, followed by “Torchlight”, which was written for the film “Don’t Tell”. Definitely, check out Missy’s causes and long career in music and acting. If you’re in the area, catch Missy Higgins at the Blue Mountains Music Festival 2018. Missy Higgins will be headlining, and will take place March 16-18. Also, she’ll be performing alongside Kate Miller-Heidke, Archie Roach Band and more! Earlybird tickets are on sale now, head to www.bmff.org.au/tickets for more info. Find Missy on social media and we recommend you check out her recent single, “Oh Canada”!


12/09/17 09:57:18PM @nayemhasan37:
Very nice personality! I think that she will take some effective steps for establishing environmental rights what was proposed in the Rio declaration. Her new music album is loved by many peoples throughout the world by the way.
Helena Holiday
12/04/17 02:41:59PM @helena-holiday:
She is truly stunning. I love that she's a big rights activist too... just shows that beauty and brains do mix well together. Cheers to many years of success for Missy.
11/25/17 11:41:57AM @diction:
This is going to be one hell of a show. I love the fact that Missy is an activist of some great movements... Says a lot about her. Stand up for something or sit down for everything right? I concur, oh Canada is a masterpiece!
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