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Luna 13 hits the US with Black/Bass/Metal with first tour!

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user image 05/06/19 10:52:00PM
By: admin Posted in: News
Luna 13 hits the US with Black/Bass/Metal with first tour!

If you head down to Hollywood CA, make sure you'll check out one of its new growing attractions: Luna13.
The first Bass Music duo to gain some well-deserved recognition in the Metal scene, with its peculiar blend of the two genres and a mesmerizing dark performance by vocalist and Burlesque dancer Lilith Bathory, a Luna13 show is a one-of-a-kind experience.
Returning from a very successful tour with horrorcore, rap artist Razakel, Luna13 have a lot to celebrate.
"The response was great," Dr Luna, the producer sharing the stage with Lilith, explains. 
"Audiences were very impressed with our project and said they had never heard anything like that!"
Luna13's sound is quite peculiar indeed. It is Bass Music but it is also Black Metal. Luna 13 has now successfully created a brand new form of Metal. Lilith Bathory's hypnotical vocals perfectly fit with the controversial themes brought up in the songs.
"Both the audience and the venues were captivated by Lilith's beautifully dark stage presence."
Dr Luna explains how a sound engineers on their tour were impacted by this new sound and in Houston, TX seemed really skeptical at their arrival on stage seeing a DJ Facade with a large Baphomet on front. 
"I have to listen to this DJ crap again tonight - he said to me, but he walked up and apologized after our show, stating how our performance was the best he had ever seen on that stage and sonically he never heard anything like that.”
Dr. Luna explains how the response from the audience was consistent throughout the whole tour, encouraging the duo to keep pursuing its original and innovative vision: the creation of a new brand of Metal, Black/Bass/Metal!

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