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Luna 13 hits the big stage and unleashes Hell on the EDM world!

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03/03/18 04:41:00PM
By: admin Posted in: latest
Luna 13 hits the big stage and unleashes Hell on the EDM world!

Devils, Witchcraft, black masks and goat horns: these are the essential ingredients behind Luna 13, a very peculiar evil Bass/Metal project that, over the last couple of years, was able to build a solid reputation for itself and get signed by the eclectic label Cleopatra Records.
Hypnotic singer and Burlesque dancer Lilith Bathory joined producer Dr. Luna in 2015 and since then managed to combine EDM to Black Metal, creating a whole new genre in the Dark Music niche and becoming the first EDM project to win metal awards. 
They also shaped an extremely suggestive, theatrical performance, perfectly in line with the occult imagery they incarnate, but, although their ability on stage cannot be doubted, their live performances are not always welcomed. 
It happened last November when one of their horrifying live shows was interrupted by the management of the Artisan, a live music venue in Las Vegas, due to a breaking of their 'nudity code’, as Lilith Bathory performed a blood-drinking ritual wearing only her panties. 
This accident didn’t stop Luna 13 from achieving the spotlights and being noticed by Sleepdogg Promotions, who have now included their brutal show into their roster.
“It is our chance to bring a truly dark, controversial show into larger venues,” the duo states. “After a few years of venues going into fear about allowing Luna 13 on the big stage, Sleepdogg Promotions finally opens the door.”
Although the project only started out in 2015, Luna 13 are collecting some thrilling results. 
Described as “one of the most brutal electronic projects on Lucifer’s green earth” from Horrornews.net, the duo placed itself right on top of the Amazon Electro Chart with the latest release “Lilit”. They are also listed as one of the top 5 Black Metal projects by leading music blog Worldwide Underground and starred in the movie Devil’s Domain, featuring well-known actor Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill).
With Sleepdogg Promotions finally giving recognition this duo’s mesmerizing stage presence, nothing can stop Luna 13 from becoming the best representation of the next generation of Metal.

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