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Bow Wow's 2017 Australian Tour

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08/18/17 05:34:00PM
By: admin Posted in: News
Bow Wow's 2017 Australian Tour

Bow Wow, formerly Lil’ Bow Wow, will be embarking upon a complete 14 stop tour across Australia. Bow Wow will be hitting major cities like Sydney (twice), Melbourne, Perth, and several regional cities in between. Bow Wow’s “Australian Tour 2017” looks to be quite the run for the rapper brought up under hip-hop legends Snoop Dogg and Puff Daddy. Bow Wow is currently recording his final album, NYLTH, and will then retire from rap. Not only does this look to be the twilight run for the veteran rapper who saw his rise in mid 2000’s, but the tour in itself looks to be an incredible experience.

Keep up with Bow Wow on your social media and streaming service of choice and don’t miss Bow Wow on his “Australian Tour 2017”, possibly his last tour of Australia ever. This won’t be the last time Australia see’s Bow Wow, however, as in 2016 he was named host of the Australian Hit Network’s radio show “RnB Fridays” with his own segment, “RnB Friday Nights”

Bow Wow saw his rise predominantly as a rapper, but has also become more known as an actor over the years, making his movie debut in All About the Benjamins and later working in Hollywood films like Need For Speed: Tokyo Drift and Hurricane Season. Bow Wow really is a man of diverse talents, and continues to make headlines for various ventures to this day.


Juliet Emmanuel
09/20/17 11:19:29AM @juliet-emmanuel:
Woh! Bow Wow coming to Melbourne? I can't wait. I have always love to hear this rapper sing. full of energy and words.
But it's kind of sad to hear he is retiring... But why so early, Bow-wow?

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Latest Comments
Re: Neo Relic
07/17/18 03:56:09PM
By: Witentleming80

You guys seem like you would be a blast to see live. Until then I’m listening to Overdose on repeat. Cheers.

Re: Chelsea Berman
07/17/18 03:39:29PM
By: PradyLady

I’ve never been a fan of Country Pop, but I really love Chelsea’s style, it reminds me of watching shows like 90210. They had these beautiful songs on there, but I never knew the genre. Thanks for...

Re: Needless Cane -...
07/17/18 03:23:43PM
By: Dentelf

Oddly enough the video goes quite perfectly with the lyrics. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but these guys are worth a listen.

Re: NewNobility
07/17/18 12:24:19PM
By: sarahem

Influenced by Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, and The Beatles? My three favorites! It's nice to see a band pop up out of Australia. Even better that they are part of the BandMag.com family-crew.

Re: Ridiculas Trixx
07/17/18 12:20:03PM
By: jackonasiss

Love a good band from Kansas, my home away from home! Ronnica has some killer vocals. I'm going to have to see where they are touring in the U.S. I'm really impressed with this project.

Re: Luna 13 hits the...
07/17/18 12:16:45PM
By: nickspacey

A blood drinking ritual? They sound wild! I can't help but feel an urge to check out that live show. I'm glad they've recovered from the accident. It sounds like they have a promising future ahead.

Re: Esprit D'Air wins...
07/17/18 12:13:36PM
By: jackson5

Congrats! I hadn't heard of them before. I just listened to some of there stuff and can clearly understand why they took this award. I'm going to have to follow them from now on.

Re: Needless Cane
07/17/18 12:10:27PM
By: nsuauce

Wow! Great article. Are they on Spotify? I really loved what I heard on YouTube. This is some good stuff. A lot of talent there.

Re: Needless Cane
07/17/18 11:36:05AM
By: Barks1959

The Alchemist has to be my favorite song from these guys, sick album, vocals and just an overall unique style going for them.

Re: Little Steely...
07/17/18 09:41:37AM
By: Mikerickard2

With influences like Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, and the Eagles, how can you go wrong? Little River Band always had a soothing sound too. I like how your band is about the music and not some...


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