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Spurs coaches join newcomers

By lolgavip, 2018-06-13

According to a report from the American basketball legend David Pique,sources have NBA Live Mobile Coins revealed that head coach Sassa Obradovic of the Rostov Locomotive Club in Russia will join the Spurs coaching team in the summer league.

Obradovich is a Serbian and he is the best coach of this season's European Cup League (a lower level than the European Basketball League).After the end of the season,the Spurs' coaching staff changed personnel.James Bray turned to the Hornets and became Charlotte's head coach.

Therefore,this time Obradovic's participation is a corresponding personnel adjustment.In addition,there have been reports earlier that the Spurs' other assistants are also likely to be excavated.

The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 110-102 in the third game of NBA Live Mobile Coins the finals today.The total score was 3-0.The Warriors player Klay Thompson scored 10 points,and the personal career playoffs scored 1927 points.Ping Walter-Frazer,ranked 62th in history.

Ranked 61st in front of them is Goos-Williams 1929 points,the top three points in the playoffs score is:Lebron - James's 6888 points,Michael - Jordan's 5987 points,Karim - Abdul-Jabbar had 5762 points.

In the whole game,Thompson played 41 minutes,4 of 11 shots,10 points,4 rebounds,2 assists,1 steal and 1 block.

The Cavaliers lost to the Warriors 103-122 in today's game NBA Live Mobile Coins and the series fell behind 0-2.After the game,Knight forward LeBron James was interviewed by the media.

James first talked about whether the Warriors' defense would make them work harder on the G2: "I think I only feel tired once in the evening.When I asked for the ball in the low post,they double-teamed me several times.This is their G1.I have never done it before,so I must trust my teammates.When it comes to whether or not to fight harder,I only feel tired once."

Speaking of the gains from the previous two finals,James said: "We still have to play G3.Now we have a chance to return home.We played very well this year at home,but this should not give us any relief.We should still be right about this.The situation in the round series is worrying whether it is the G1 or the game tonight."

James talked about whether or not he was put under too much pressure because of the 0-2 lag: "From the age of 5 or 6,all kinds of odds have started to disregard me.Now I talk about basketball and I have been telling you all the time.These are not good for me since I started school.Now I am trying to lead the team to compete for the championship.I also have the responsibility to ensure that everyone is doing their best to stay focused.I will continue to do my job and continue to be a teammate We instilled confidence until the end of the game.This is my job.It is my responsibility and my task.I will continue to do so."

In this game,James scored 29 points,9 rebounds and 13 assists in 44 minutes.

Looking at the player market this summer,George is one of the few powerful forwards besides James Wong.Therefore,it is perfectly reasonable for the Rockets to NBA Live Mobile Coins rank pickles as a target.The problem is that George is not cheaper than James in terms of price,and the Rockets' competitors are also powerful in the market.

At present,the Lakers are still the leader of George's next family.As George's hometown and the NBA's rare large market city,Los Angeles is undoubtedly particularly attractive to Pickle.

With one month left before the opening of the offseason,Morey has plenty of time to brewing his own operations plan.According to the analysis,at present,Ryan Anderson has left 40 million contracts for 2 years,which is the biggest obstacle to Morey's operation.If Morey can't think of a suitable solution to get rid of Anderson's contract,then Mo is said to chase pickers,James,and even Paul,Capella,Ariza and others in their contracting team will also encounter trouble.

Of course,according to the signals from the rocket bosses and management,they are confident enough about Murray's operational talent during the offseason.

The Rockets lost to the Warriors 92-101 today and missed the finals.After the match,Eric Gordon accepted the interview.

"It must be sad because at the beginning of NBA Live Mobile Coins  the series,everyone was not optimistic about us.We knew we had the opportunity to win this series.It was bad because we knew that if we had one more organizer on the court,We can win this series.Chris (Paul) can't play.It's a difficult defeat.I love to fight against them.I'm playing a game that is so small today.We can't make too many mistakes,and we It's very hard to get a good shot and it's going to take a lot of games to win today," Gordon said.

If Paul can beat,he can win? Gordon said: "There is no doubt that you can easily see this,the opponent is a good team,this is a difficult defeat."

"In the absence of Chris,we just want to find a way to win.If Chris plays,this is a different game." Gordon said.

Gordon went on to say: "As I said,with a difficult defeat,there are not many players in our rotation.We must play extremely well throughout the game.We must not make mistakes.We must learn from the game.We must Knowing that they will play an offensive climax,we just don't have much room for error."

When it comes to the future of the team,Gordon said: "It's very bright and very bright.We are a very good team.As long as we have one more organizer,we will play in the finals.It's that simple."

In today's game,Gordon played for 40 minutes and scored 23 points,6 assists,3 rebounds,1 steal and 1 block.

The Warriors lost to the Rockets 94-98 today NBA Live Mobile Coins and the series fell behind 2-3.After the game,Warriors guard Sean Livingston was interviewed.

When asked whether the final stage of the offense was due to the opponent's defense or the problems with the execution of his team,Livingston said:"Executiveness is always execution,playing in that kind of environment.They will do their best to achieve a strong performance.The key to victory or defeat is who is more eager to win.The execution of critical moments is very important."

Livingston played 18 minutes and scored 2 points,1 rebound and 1 assist.

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