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If James leaves I will surely be sad

By: lolgavip
Posted in: Cheap NBA 2K18 MT

In the interview,the Cavaliers' Chedi Osman talked about Cheap NBA 2K18 MT LeBron James,who can become a free agent this summer.

In the fourth final game of this year's Finals,James was replaced by Ottoman.At that time,Ottoman did not think that James might leave this summer.

"I didn't think like that before and I must continue to believe he can stay," said Ottoman.

Osman then said: "Of course,if he leaves,it will be very bad.If he leaves,I will certainly feel sad."

Osman is often the first to come and celebrate with James,and it is the same after James completed the lore.When Osman was told that he might have been part of a particular moment in the history of the Cavaliers,Osman said: "I know,I know.It was very special to me.The whole season was very special to me,especially with him.Playing together is a great season for me.It was only four wins away from the championship.I hope we will be stronger next season,hopefully the same team,and then move on."


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