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Butler is one of the best players in the league

By: lolgavip
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Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni interviewed NBA Live Coins him today. He talked about the playoffs and they will play against the Timberwolves in the first round of the playoffs.

"We waited for the whole season now. We enjoyed this season. It was a great season. They are eager to start the playoffs," said D'Antoni.

Talking about the Timberwolves, D'Antoni said: "They are a great team. They play in the paint. They have one of the league's best insiders. Downs can keep pushing you up. They also have Wiggins and Butler, there are Teague, and Gibson, they can play, they are a playoff team, a great team."

Talking about the Timberwolves scoring the playoffs, D'Antoni said: "I feel happy for them. I can't find too much emotion. I'm working hard, haha."

Talking about Butler, D'Antoni said: "He is one of the league's best players. All-Star, he just returned. I think as the playoffs continue, he will become more powerful. He is awesome. What is he? It's done well. He's the key player."

Talking about the team, D'Antoni said: "In this locker room, they only care about victory. It's very interesting. They make it interesting. They don't take these things for granted. They always study hard and make progress. , to see these great, with them, they are all moving in one direction."

"The obvious point is that you have to have talent, but once you have talent, you can't guarantee that they will have a good chemistry. I think we have. Everyone of us is responsible. They make everyone responsible for each other. And at the same time, they enjoy being with each other."


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