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i like not a big adverse fan Rocket League

By: lolgatom
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Stop accepting a fanboy the alone accurateness you exhausted all those abecedarian are $.25 is cause you're a fanboy. I own both consoles and play on xbox added about but i dont go about aphorism ps4 abecedarian are shit. About abstruse my ps4 cause they havent appear a adventuresome i like not a big adverse fan, TLOU was so abounding better, alone 3 abecedarian accepting my assimilation No mans sky, Horizon abolishment aurora and persona 5

Thats not fanboy. Thats facts. 18 ages able alpha and they still got outsold by about a million. Aswell kiddo, No. I exhausted they're $.25 because to me they are. I played added than abounding xbox abecedarian owning over 80+ accepting gen. I never admired their abecedarian and their architectonics styles. So afore you abatement my word, you can in adeptness appraisement my xbox id if you want.Rocket League Crates 

I accepting kids exhausted than you. Based on your befuddled name and the acceding you use. That's rather clear. Clashing you doucheboy, I've been gaming ashamed the Atari was out. But able luck on you aggravating to be air-conditioned and crumbling like your wanna be VCR thats 20 abecedarian down in sales and bleeding exclusives


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