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Human Nature

By admin, 2017-12-09
Human Nature

Human nature was born with Toby Allen’s project in 1989, previously known as '4 Trax', a boy-band formed by 4 schoolmates to represent their institution in a regional contest. Phil Burton, and the brothers Andrew and Mike Tierney along with Toby Allen are the members of the acapella group. After graduating and taking separate paths, they decide to meet a couple of years later to perform at clubs and sing professionally, this is when they got a record deal under the SONY label.

The name of the group became 'Human nature' once they feel that 4 Trax no longer fit them, their new name gives them a sense of identity since they sing acapella and according to one of the members the name also has a philosophical representation, arguing that for them, singing is something that is within their nature.
Their albums have achieved great commercial success and very good performance within the charts receiving multiplatinum certifications in Australia, their discography counts with no less than 12 studio albums and two compilations, 18 singles and a box set that was released to promote their debut in the United States in 2008.

Their most recent activities took place between 2014 and 2016 when they released 'Jukebox' an album that portrays the musical style and concept of the 50's and 60’s decade, the album had arrangements made for some covers of various groups to which previously the group had done tribute as 'The penguins' in this album they take a glance into their beginnings and project it from a much more mature perspective achieving a fresh proposal but equally elaborated in an very intelligent way. 'Gimme Some Lovin': Jukebox Vol II 'is the sequent album to Jukebox, published in 2016, where they break the mold of making only covers, it also has a special edition for the tour that was made that same year, it contains a DVD which covers the complete trajectory of the group.

Currently, Human Nature are touring internationally around the United States with a big agenda for the year 2018 in which they’re still promoting their ‘Jukebox’ album alongside ‘Jukebox II’ repertoire.

If you are local, be sure to check out Human Nature on the 16th of December for a very special Christmas day on the green when they will be bringing their critically acclaimed live spectacular show to the Yarra Valley for their one and only Australian concert! You can book tickets here Ticketmaster.

For more Human Nature goodness, visit the official website or their social media pages.

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Sam Newton

By admin, 2017-10-07
Sam Newton

Folk and Country singer/songwriter Sam Newton has been touring all over Australia leading up to his headlining set at Cully Fest as well as the release of his third studio album, to be released in 2018. Sam Newton mainly plays acoustic and develops songs that dive deep into melancholy devotion and flawed but fascinating characters. Sam Newton’s influences include the likes of Neil Young, Glen Hansard, Feist, Iron & Wine, and Johnny Cash.

From Sydney, Sam Newton first started playing guitar at the age of 12 and would be writing his own songs by 15. In 2011, Sam released his first project, a self-titled EP. Sam Newton’s debut album Set In Stone dropped in 2014, and was met with critical acclaim. In 2016, Sam Newton would embrace his stylistic fluidity and take on the challenge of writing 100 songs in 100 days before the release of his second album, Violet Road. Recently Sam was featured on Porch Light Sessions, a showcase of upcoming and established acoustic singer/songwriters.

Lately, Sam has been touring all over Australia and has upcoming shows in the cities of Brunswick, Newtown, Tamworth and Bowen Hills. On November 18th and 19th, Sam Newton will be headlining Cully Fest in Glenvale alongside Killing Heidi and Pierce Brothers.

Sam Newton’s third studio album has been finalised and will be pressed by early November with a release date still to be determined. Keep up with Sam Newton on his website or Facebook and be sure to follow him on Spotify where he uploads all of his albums as well as a playlist dedicated to highlighting Australian-Americana music.

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SoundCloud BandMag Feature

By admin, 2017-09-16

The SoundCloud feature is currently unavailable due to SoundCloud changing their service. We are hoping that this feature will be back as soon as possible and we will keep you posted on any new news we may recieve on the topic.

In the meantime, you can still upload your files, easily and directly to BandMag via your Audio section of your profile http://bandmag.com/uploaded_audio/create


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Guy Sebastian

By admin, 2017-09-09
Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian is the only male Australian artist to ever earn six number one singles and two number one albums in the history of the charts. To lead off his upcoming album, Conscious, Guy Sebastian has released the single ”High On Me”, taking it back to his more upbeat and soulful roots.

Altogether, Guy has released 11 top ten singles, and three other top 15 singles. Six of those singles have achieved multi-platinum certification, including the 9x platinum “Battle Scars”. With and combined album and single sales over 3 million in Australia as well as 42 platinum and three gold certifications, Guy Sebastian truly is one of Australia’s finest success stories. Over the course of his career Guy has received 22 ARIA Award Nominations including Single of the Year, Best Male Artist and Best Pop Artist, and has so far won the ARIA Award for Highest Selling Single.

Recently, Guy has worked alongside Australian producer Paces, and on December 2 of 2016 released his highly anticipated Part 1 EP, after the lead single, “Set In Stone” went to #1 and was a hugely successful run for the artist leading into early 2017. Now, Sebastian has spent the first half of 2017 in the studio putting the final touches on his upcoming album, Conscious. With Guy’s new single “High On Me”, the anticipation for his next album is reaching a peak and we really can’t wait any longer!

Guy Sebastian website

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Kate Miller-Heidke

By admin, 2017-09-03
Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke is an Australian award winning singer/songwriter known for her blend of pop, folk, and opera. Kate's new album Live at the Sydney Opera House released August 11th 2017 is a huge compilation of Miller-Heidke's catalogue and fan favourites. Kate has achieved multi-platinum status and has appeared in the top 10 album and singles chart numerous times, a truly impressive career resume.

Live at the Sydney Opera House is a solid 16 songs while the digital version comes with the bonus track "God's Gift to Women". Kate got the chance to work with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House in order to record this project, something Kate says was an "absolute career highlight, a crazy pinch myself moment". Certainly this excitement plays out on the record making a great listen for new listeners as well as long time fans.

Kate was trained as a classical singer, has appeared in New York operas, and has even composed her own operas. Only a couple years ago Kate would get her start in acting on national television, featuring in an ABC mini-series titled "The Divorce". Both "The Divorce" and Kate's original opera, "The Rabbits" were nominated for awards at the 2016 ARIA Awards.

Kate really is a talented, versatile, and unique artist worth checking out. With such an illustrious career behind her, it's amazing to see her still going after new landmarks while still releasing new content. You can find out more about Kate Miller-Heidke on her website or search her name on social media!

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Bow Wow's 2017 Australian Tour

By admin, 2017-08-18
Bow Wow's 2017 Australian Tour

Bow Wow, formerly Lil’ Bow Wow, will be embarking upon a complete 14 stop tour across Australia. Bow Wow will be hitting major cities like Sydney (twice), Melbourne, Perth, and several regional cities in between. Bow Wow’s “Australian Tour 2017” looks to be quite the run for the rapper brought up under hip-hop legends Snoop Dogg and Puff Daddy. Bow Wow is currently recording his final album, NYLTH, and will then retire from rap. Not only does this look to be the twilight run for the veteran rapper who saw his rise in mid 2000’s, but the tour in itself looks to be an incredible experience.

Keep up with Bow Wow on your social media and streaming service of choice and don’t miss Bow Wow on his “Australian Tour 2017”, possibly his last tour of Australia ever. This won’t be the last time Australia see’s Bow Wow, however, as in 2016 he was named host of the Australian Hit Network’s radio show “RnB Fridays” with his own segment, “RnB Friday Nights”

Bow Wow saw his rise predominantly as a rapper, but has also become more known as an actor over the years, making his movie debut in All About the Benjamins and later working in Hollywood films like Need For Speed: Tokyo Drift and Hurricane Season. Bow Wow really is a man of diverse talents, and continues to make headlines for various ventures to this day.


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The Beautiful Monument

By admin, 2017-08-17
The Beautiful Monument

The Beautiful Monument is an exciting alternative rock band out of Australia that we’re excited to highlight. The all-female band dropped their debut album I’m the Sin in February of this year, an ambitious 12 song collection of fantastic, hard hitting tracks, most noticeable are songs “Disorder” and “Manifestation”. Now out with a new music video for the song “Sins” off their latest project, The Beautiful Monument present a 5 star visual to accompany the drowsy, slithering, and wicked song. The video for “Sins” is hosted on the Dreambound YouTube channel, a brand The Beautiful Monument have worked with in the past.

The Beautiful Monument deliver a heavy, magnificent sound, and their new “Sins” video delivers exactly that theme and visual. By now the band has penned down a wide collection of memorable songs and are now building their catalog of epic music videos to go along with it. At this point in their career The Beautiful Monument have also developed a skilled and energetic stage presence, so if you’re lucky enough to see The Beautiful Monument live, you surely are in store for the full package.

Keep up to date with The Beautiful Monument and see all their latest moves by following them on Facebook. Be sure to give their music a listen on Spotify or Bandcamp, and don’t forget to check The Beautiful Monument YouTube and Bandcamp pages. The Beautiful Monument also have their own merch site for fans to purchase limited edition merchandise at thebeautifulmonument.bigcartel.com.

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Ben Ransom

By admin, 2017-08-13
Ben Ransom

Ben Ransom is an Australian country singer, but don’t peg him to one genre because Ben is incredibly versatile. Borrowing influences from a wide set of genres like Irish Folk, traditional country and classic standards, through to Australian 'Pub Rock' and modern pop, Ben Ransom has garnered a deep musical skill set. Ben Ransom has been developing his craft and making music for around a decade now, and it’s so exciting to see where he’s developed to now with amazing new singles “Dry Town” and “Let’s Go Driving”.

Ben Ransom’s new singles “Dry Town” and “Let’s Go Driving” are a couple of really good tracks, and Ben Ransom proves why he’s been in the game for so long. “Dry Town” is a hard hitting testament to the resilience of everyday people doing it tough. The song transcends the genre and touches on real issues affecting our farmers, incorporating themes such as our harsh climate and the epidemic of suicide among rural communities. “Let’s Go Driving” sets the pace for his eagerly awaited new album slated for release in the Winter of 2017, titled Ben Ransom 101. Ben says the new album is an immense personal insight to what his music is all about.

Ben Ransom has his own site where you can contact him or find all of his music, videos, and upcoming tour dates. You may also follow Ben on Facebook to stay up to date on all things Ben Ransom.
Ben Ransom

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Bishop Briggs

By admin, 2017-08-05
Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs, or Sarah McLaughlin, was born in London to parents from Bishopbriggs, Scotland, the giveaway for Bishop’s professional name. Bishop Moved to Tokyo at a young age and began developing her musical influences and desires. She began writing her own songs at the young age of seven, and soon later moved to Hong Kong until she was 18. After graduating from H.K. International school, Bishop soon took the jump and moved to L.A. where she remains to be based in to this day.

In 2016 Bishop Briggs released the music video for her biggest song to date, “River”, a vintage cinematic piece for an anthem of a song, now sitting at a whopping 11m views. In June of 2017, Bishop dropped the video for the breakthrough song on her self-titled debut EP, “The Way I Do”, which is similarly amusing for another party of a track, soon surpassing 2m views and rapidly continuing to rise.

Briggs was first noticed at a 2015 performance when she was just starting and trying to play any possible venue, no matter the crowd size. Bishop Briggs would go on to record “Wild Horses”, which featured in an Acura commercial. Come January 2016 Bishop Biggs released the single “River” which was another commercial and overall success. Bishop would perform “River” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the Fall of that same year Bishop opened for Coldplay on several of their tour dates. Come April 2017, Bishop Briggs released her debut project, a self-titled EP that would include her previous hits “River” and “Wild Horses”. Bishop Briggs followed this up with a big tour across the U.S. and Canada, so definitely find her when she’s near you!


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Christie Lamb

By admin, 2017-08-02
Christie Lamb

Christie Lamb is an English gone Australian country songstress who has been steadily carving out a lane for herself. Christie released her debut EP in 2012, won a Golden Guitar award, and has been booked on all of Australia’s premier country events and festivals before recently releasing her second full-length album, Loaded. Having established herself and gone on several tours with other industry artists like Jon English or The Wolfe Brothers, Christie Lamb is ready to breakthrough to the next level.

In the recent months, Christie has released a couple of music videos, each with a unique take on the song they represent. “Judgement Day” and “Bad Habit” both received the music video treatment, both featuring Christie Lamb and her singing in all of it’s beauty. Christie’s new album, Loaded, is signature Christie, featuring wonderful singing, beautiful instrumentals and grabbing melodies.

Lamb will be joining Lee Kernaghan once again on his 25 Year Anniversary Tour, continuing her relentless touring habits. More exciting news for Christie, is that her single “Flamethrower” hit the number one spot on Australian Country Radio music charts! Following this, Christie Lamb’s new album Loaded reached the number two spot on ARIA Country Album Charts, a massive success for the quickly sprouting artist.

Christie Lamb is an award winning artist. Has her own site ‘christielamb.com’, where you can view her entire portfolio and purchase her music and other cool fan memorabilia. Be sure to catch Christie Lamb on social media, easily findable on your preferred platform.

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