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Improve the skills and attributes of your respective Digimon

user image 2018-07-23
By: abel
Posted in: entertainment

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Raising your Digimon's level isn't the only way so it will be stronger. By using the X shortcut, will come your way the status of your respective Digimon and help the special abilities. At each level, he's going to gain Digimon Masters Online Tera points which might be distributed within these abilities, increasing his strength and efficiency throughout the combats.
The attributes are evolved differently and depend around the type of the Digimon. Each element is represented using a bar, which gains Digimon Masters Online Gold experience individually whenever you fight against Digimon who may have disadvantage of type or element. For example, when you have an Agumon (Vaccine) deal with those of type Virus.
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Leaving a bar at maximum raises 50% damage completed by your Digimon's abilities against people that are disadvantaged. In addition, you will additionally earn a Crystal Data which might be exchanged for other items together with the Angewomon (Attribute Store Merchant) NPC in DATS.
Equipping products in your Tamer is usually essential to gaining experience faster. Auras, for instance, are fantastic for keeping your Digi Soul bar and looking after evolutions of your respective Digimon. You can also equip clothes to find attack, defense, and magic bonus while still enhancing equipment using Attribute. Most of these backpacks are purchased at in-game stores or with a real income, however, you can also get them by killing other Digimons.


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